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With the advent of the internet and technology, you can do almost everything from the comfort of your home. For a writer, a freelance writing job can easily be done from anywhere.

Therefore, freelance writing offers an exciting opportunity to work as you please but with an understanding that you need to plan yourself to be able to put something on the table at the end of the day.

Today, not everyone is happy with what they do for a living and this is what makes freelancing an appealing option to many.

However, there are milestones that you need to deal with to have a successful freelance writing career!

Pros of Freelance Writing

There are quite several benefits that come with a freelance writing job. Here are some of the many that you should expect if you are planning to go this way: –

1. You Are Your Boss

With this type of job, you have to schedule your time and work. No one will be giving you orders from that point henceforth. You will determine your goals and targets to meet. Simply put, there is a lot of flexibility in that you chose when to work or not!

2. Cut down on Travelling Expenses

Traveling every day to your work station is a costly affair. A lot of expenses are cut when you engage in a freelance career that wouldn’t require you to travel every other time.

3. You Can Work from Anywhere You Want

Online freelance writing work doesn’t require you to be on a particular geographical location. Therefore, you can take your job with you wherever, especially if you have a laptop.

You will enjoy quite a several settings to work in and that includes restaurants and coffee shops among other places.

4. Managing Your Work Environment

In a normal office set up, it is not easy to dictate what you need to help you work without distractions. There will be people opening and closing doors, others picking up calls, and so on.

However, you can keep off such distractions by choosing your work environment with no or minimum disturbance.

5. Liberty to Choose Working Hours

With a freelance writing career, you can choose to work at night and use the day for other things. You might as well consider working in the afternoon and spare the mornings for other duties and responsibilities.

Not all people function well in the mornings and if that is you, this is a great career option for you. It is easier to have a life balance with a freelance writing career.

Cons of Freelance Writing

Every work has milestones to cover and so is the case with freelance writing. That doesn’t mean they are unachievable. Instead, it means you will have to use the recommended ways of overcoming them to fully enjoy the benefits listed above.

1. Landing Job Offers!

Some avenues of getting writing jobs are straightforward but others may be a mountain to climb. Remember it is not just about getting any writing offer. With that, you can easily get but the question is, how much will it pay? 

Solution: To overcome this challenge, you need to be well-informed on what goes on in the industry. Get the skills and expertise needed to accomplish the kind of writing jobs you are looking for. To win the offers made by some clients, you will need writer certifications for it and therefore, you must do so.

2. Receiving Payment

Based on the platform you are working from, payment can be risky at times. You may do a lot of work only to get partial or no payment. However, you can solve this issue right from the start! 

Solution: To be certain about your payments, check the payment history of your prospects online. There are a lot of reviews and feedback concerning clients’ payments online and with this guide, you can establish the best gig to bid for. There are known methods of payment and therefore, it is important to establish the most common ones used in the freelance writing industry!

Still, you can choose to involve a third party in your transactions. It may cost a little more but you will be assured of payment.  The third party comes into agreement with the two of you and holds the funds awaiting release upon a successful completion of the job. Such third-parties include writing services or such means as Escrow.

More than that, you need to establish the much you will be paid before getting started with the work. This will help you establish whether it is worth it or not!

3. Other Benefits

Mainstream jobs offer such benefits as medical insurance and so. You may not get such from freelance writing jobs. If you have an employed partner, you can rely on the benefits they get from their company.

 Solution: You can choose to pay up for your medical cover. They still are available to individuals who are willing to take them. Just like any other expense, you can commit to pay and make your life comfortable knowing that you are covered should you get ill or something. It will save you from getting double loss should that happen because you will stop working and again dig into your pocket to use your hard-earned savings!

4. Work Discipline

You are your boss and that’s fine! However, you must be disciplined to take time to work. Sometimes, there is the temptation to procrastinate assignments, and this piles up unnecessary pressure on you. Distractions in the house may also arise and therefore, it is upon you to make decisions that will address that! 

Solution: Focus on the bigger picture and set goals for your work. Let this be your guide. Identify a comfortable room within your house or find another location if you are getting distractions from children and so on. Leaving the house for the nearby coffee shop could also be another option for you! Being disciplined is all that you may need to do.

5. Job Longevity

Is this job sustainable? How long will it last? Writing for another person may pile pressure on you despite a lack of face-to-face meetings. However, you still want to impress and build a reputation that will help you in securing other opportunities in the future. You would also want to know how long your clients will be comfortable with what you are charging. Now that you are not attached to them by a permanent contract, they may find a replacement at a time of their choice. 

Solution: Establish a huge base of clientele and never settle for just a few. Keep building networks that will grow with time and you will certainly not be stranded should one client choose to end any engagements with you.

Freelance writing jobs are awesome, especially because you are the boss and for the reason that you can determine how much to be paid. However, you must deal with challenges of payment, winning lucrative offers, and the like to enjoy these benefits!

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Robert Mora is a freelance corporate advisor, researcher and writer at Ezassignmenthelp. He follows fresh news concerning legislations. Also, he is a marathon runner and participates in local and world competition.

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