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Today in the world of careers it can be hard to figure out exactly what you want to do. That’s why we’ve curated a list of some of the most unknown professions that will make a major difference in the future.

While these jobs are currently not as popular as they will be, by getting your foot in the door early, you’ll be one step ahead of the game and the competition.

Each of these professions will become extremely popular shortly, they will make a difference in the creative, marketing, and online worlds.

These professions will be what sets you apart from all the rest when it comes to your experience.

Below we’ve included a wide variety, but the majority of these career opportunities focus around technology because tech is the future of all businesses and brands.

We’ve also included excerpts from experts in all of these fields so you’ll be getting first-hand advice from those who have been studying and participating in these career paths.

Let us know which career option you’d love to learn more about or possibly even be involved in!

1. Food Stylist 

Food Stylist

Food Stylists are the best-kept secret of the art and food industry, but in recent years they have been on a steady incline in popularity. They could very much be a normal career choice later on in a few years.

A food stylist has an attention for detail, they pay attention to every little thing in front of them. They work hard to make sure that a dish of food looks fantastic for the photographer.

Whether they’re photographing the food for a menu, cookbook, or advertisement, the food needs to look perfect.

There are a ton of ways that food stylists have made their food look too good to be true. Often many food stylists won’t even use edible things to style the food. By using glue, toothpicks, shoe polish, anything to get the shot.

According to The Art Career Project, a food stylist by definition is: “Food styling is the art of arranging food so that it looks tasty and fresh. This is important in several situations, particularly when the food is being photographed. For instance, the pictures of food that you see in cookbooks, magazines, advertisements, and menus have been styled.”

2. Chief Listening Officer

Executive Discussions

A chief listening officer is one step above a social media manager. They’re someone that pays close attention to the world around them. They not only manage social media for companies, but they also pay very close attention to what people are saying and sharing about the company.

They closely monitor social platforms and various conversations to make sure that they can bring the best information to the company they are working for.

They work hard to make sure that anything that is being said about the company is used in a way that will make the company better in the long term.

A chief listening officer is extremely aware of how important this kind of information is to a company, because in most cases companies are shut off from feedback in their retrospective communities.

By having an employee that is a chief listening officer you’ll be getting the feedback in a way that will help boost the company.

Brazen goes into detail about this career opportunity by explaining: “This job is extremely new—according to Forbes, the first-ever Chief Listening Officer position was created in 2010. But it’s on the rise. As more organizations rely on social media for market research and customer service, the position of CLO will only become more important.”

3. Market Research Data Miner 

Data Miner

Data Miners are hired to do one thing, to learn more about the customer for any particular brand that they are working for.

Companies will most likely hire this individual because they want to know how they can market their services or product to better fit the needs of the potential customer.

While some people highly disagree with these methods, it doesn’t necessarily reveal all personal information, it just allows you to be marketed things you would want to buy.

This new job on the market is a career path that takes a ton of work but it’s extremely useful to companies who want to expand and increase their profits.

This change in a company can be the difference between a failing business because of the lack of interest from the customers and a booming success for the future growth of the company this individual works for.

The official definition of a Market Research Data Miner according to Investopedia.com is: “Data mining is a process used by companies to turn raw data into useful information. By using software to look for patterns in large batches of data, businesses can learn more about their customers and develop more effective marketing strategies as well as increase sales and decrease costs.”

This technology career is rapidly growing and is quickly becoming the future.

4. Millennial Generational Expert

Public Speaker

 Millennial Generational Experts are experts when it comes to millennials. You might be thinking that there is no point in a career like this, but that’s not true. This career can be extremely important when it comes to companies today.

Many brands and companies, even the big ones, are having a very hard time understanding what the new generation wants. Many companies are lost on how they should market what they have to offer to younger individuals.

With a millennial generational expert on your team, you’ll have someone who is in touch with the younger community and someone who will know exactly what you should do to market to individuals who are from a different generation.

According to a leading professor in this field, Dan Schawbel had this to say: “If you aren’t constantly speaking with millennials, then how do you know what they want, what they buy and what companies they want to work for? Millennials typically have more friends who are millennials than older generations do and the average millennial is connected to at least seven hundred other millennials through Facebook alone. If you only surround yourself with older generations, you won’t be as reputable in the millennial space.”

5. Futurist

 A futurist is an individual who uses their ideas and understandings of market trends for the future to better benefit the companies they are involved with.

They are someone who is well versed in a variety of trends and they have a very deep understanding of the current culture. By hiring a futurist, you’re going to be hiring an individual that will only pay attention to the future and how they can turn that into something that will create a huge benefit for your company or brand.

By doing this your company or brand will be much more ahead of the curve than many others that you compete with.

According to an expert in this career choice, Ross Dawson tells us all about the facts behind being a futurist and how those individuals are the biggest upcoming career choice you haven’t even heard of yet.

“Although increasing numbers of futurists are studying and teaching futures programs, the game changer for most futurists is their career development. Major fields that futurists emerge from include science and technology, marketing and trends, social studies, anthropology, and the environment and sustainability.”

6. Chief Productivity Officer 

Being Productive at work

A chief productivity officer is exactly that, an officer that makes sure that the individuals in your workplace are being as productive as possible. They have training in a ton of different areas that can help with this motivation.

From encouraging a more healthy lifestyle in the office, to making sure your coworkers get up and move throughout the day to keep their energy up.

This job might not seem necessary when it comes to your company, but the moment you bring one of these individuals on board you’ll not only be investing in a better future, but you’ll also have a much happier and positive workspace that can allow for some fun.

According to Monster.com, this job entails: “Driving efficiencies will be vital at the individual, departmental and organizational levels, and the officer-level position will be important at companies of all sizes” says Raj Narayanaswamy, co-founder and co-CEO at Replicon, a company that specializes in cloud-based timesheet management headquartered in Calgary, Canada. “People in officer-level positions must be comfortable working with data and offering recommendations on how to improve productivity,” he says.

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