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Staring at a blank page, crossing out one sentence after another because none of them seems to fit. You sit there, paralyzed, aware that the clock is ticking, and that you have a tight deadline to meet, fearing that you have been bitten by the Blank Page bug.

The good news is that, while there is no medication for that frustrating condition, everyone has been through it at least once and there are some useful productivity tools to help you get past that dreadful blank page which is staring at you mockingly and daring you to write something down.

1. 123 writings.com

Writing a paper can put you through hell, especially if you have been guilty of procrastination and find it impossible to resist the urge to answer your buzzing phone or stop your brain from wanting to check your Facebook inbox every minute.

Taking a break and remaining collected is not an option, because you have a deadline to meet and if you do not, all your hard work will go down the drain. You feel like your only option is to turn to a custom writing service, but you are apprehensive about entrusting your important essay to someone else.

For this reason, you should make sure that you find a reputable company and 123writings. com is one of the best out there, priding itself on the quality of its writers and the fact that they have never missed a deadline.

2. Write Monkey

Buddha likened the human mind to a playground of monkeys who are jumping around, chattering constantly, and clamoring for attention. If you feel like there is a bunch of drunken monkeys dancing in your brain, distracting you, and preventing you from becoming productive, you might want to try Write Monkey. 

Its full- screen mode provides you with a distraction-free space, hiding all disrupting programs on your computer. It is customizable, easy to use, does not require installation and it comes with a spell checker and a progress bar.

3. Bubbl.us

Sometimes it happens that you run out not only of words but of ideas too. Brainstorming is the first building block of your essay structure because it is important to jot down as many useful notes as possible and structure and organize them in an effective way.

Bubbl.us works by providing you with a customizable mind map in the shape of a tree, which allows you to start out with one central topic and then branch out into sub-topics.

4. Evernote

You have just had that much-needed moment of inspiration, and an important idea popped into your head, or you have come across a very useful piece of information for your essay somewhere on the Internet, but you have forgotten under which name you saved it, or you did not save it at all because you accidentally closed one of your multiple pop-up windows.

Evernote allows you to jot down a reminder, write down your facts,  save your articles and PDF files, and find them easily.

5. My Homework

Procrastination is everyone’s top enemy and the key reason why many students struggle with getting their essays written on time and find themselves in the rush before a deadline. And when you find yourself in that situation, because you have developed a habit of doing everything at the last minute, you will find it incredibly hard to even begin your paper because a dangerously close deadline will send you into a panic.

To avoid that and if you feel like your head is going to explode because you can not keep track of everything you need to do: language classes, going out with friends, or writing your essay, you might consider trying MyHomework app. It allows you to keep track of your assignments, essays, and tests and reminds you when you have to submit them.

If you have come to the point where writing is the most daunting task you can think of, that is probably because you have developed some damaging habits that have been hurting your productivity.

Luckily for you, it is never too late to break a bad habit, especially if you identify it on time and use productivity tools to make your writing process smooth and stress-free.

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