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“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

If you think about this ancient Chinese proverb, you will realize that it’s telling us that if we want to become our own boss — it’s never too late to start our own business.

But have in mind that being an entrepreneur raises the stakes a lot higher. It is not only your own career on the line but your company’s reputation as well. You are responsible for your success and failures. With the right guidance, hardworking people and proper tools to support you, anything can be done. But getting quality support does not always happen.

Oftentimes, a single person cannot manage it all. Luckily, there is a solution, as the Internet is packed with a variety of online tools that can help you speed up any process in your everyday work.

These tools can save you a lot of hours and increase your productivity on the spot. With that in mind, here is a list of tools that could help any entrepreneur stay on the right track.

1. Able2Extract 10

For Managing PDF Documents

Able2Extract is a cross-platform, desktop software that allows you to perform quick PDF editing and conversion. It is especially useful if you’re drowned in PDF invoices and reports, as it lets you save a lot of time by automating that boring PDF work.

With several top-notch features, the tool is a perfect PDF solution for any entrepreneur – accomplished or in the making. You can add text, remove whole sentences, rotate and extract PDF pages. If you need to create a big weekly report, you can merge multiple PDFs into one large separate file. Simple as that.

2. Toggl

For Managing Your Time

It’s fast, easy to use and it does the job. Of course, we are talking about Toggl, a time tracking tool for literally all entrepreneurs. Needless to say, it’s designed to increase your efficiency. Just click on the Start button and you can start tracking your time right away.

The tool also lets you check how much time you spend on various projects throughout the week. Whenever you want, you can extract a full listing and, according to that, improve your focus and results. It is a must-have app for entrepreneurs who are looking to optimize the time they are spending on individual tasks.

3. EmailBee

For Contacting Your Customers

This email tool takes the concept of “treating your customers as your friends” to a whole new level. It lets you promote your business through a new type of email marketing, where the customers are as important as the employees and not just names and numbers in lengthy email lists.

EmailBee works by sending your emails through your own account with different, interactive content each time. The app is designed to work with any email account (Gmail included), so feel free to check it out — overall, it is a great asset for any entrepreneur who wants to build up his customer relationships.


For Managing Your Finances

YNAB is a type of tool that will instantly give you results, as it supposedly saves users a hefty $200 in the first month of use. “You Need a Budget” is a personal finance software tool for any small or large businesses. With this app, you can gain total control of your money and start eliminating unwanted costs.

YNAB combines a simple and effective method that tracks your income and expenses in a unique and attractive interface. It is designed for the web, Android and iPhone, so your budget will always be at the palm of your hands.

5. Weekdone

For Managing Individual Projects

Never enough good project management tools, right? If you’re looking to add one more into your arsenal, then Weekdone is an all-in-one planning tool just for you.

You can use it to easily get people towards achieving their goals and, just, in general, to get work done faster and smarter.

It allows teams to share their most important plans and results, simultaneously staying up to date with everything. You can even communicate with your co-workers to get reports and insights for their projects, so you can stay on top of everything. Simply set up goals to keep up with overall progress and you are done.

There are many situations where tools like these can help you boost your morale and scale your company up, but it’s important to remember that everything you do needs to be for a particular purpose.

In this instance the conclusion is simple — spend less time on things that could be automated and use that extra time to deal with your business.

It is hard being an entrepreneur, so why make it harder? Automate boring and stubborn tasks and bring an instant increase to your productivity. The results will follow along.

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Veronica Johnson is a community manager for Investintech.com, the developer PDF technology solutions. She is managing company’s social networks, and soften writes blogs about tech tips, productivity tools and useful software trends.

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