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I am sure you have asked one or more of these questions… 

  • How to be more productive?
  • How can I get more done in less time?
  • How to be more effective?
  • How can I achieve work-life balance ?
  • How can I make my company more productive?
  • How can I get my employees more productive?

These are all the questions, we ask ourselves constantly.

Whether you are a Professional or an Employee- you want to get more done. and in less time.

If you are the BOSS or an organization – you want to get the most out of your employees & make it a productive and efficient workplace. Right?

We want to know about Productivity AND We want to be more productive – but where do you get the information (ideas, tips, shortcuts, hacks,etc.).

Well, I have made it easier for you. I have managed to collect 100 +articles, ideas, tips, and articles – Productivity Hacks from the web.

My goal is to give you and me – the tools (ideas, tips, hacks,etc.) to be more productive.

After reading this article, you will never ask the question (How to be more productive?) again… well, I hope not. So sit back and enjoy the articles. 

Here are 100+ Productivity Hacks, Productivity Tips that will help you achieve more: 

For the Individual Producer

This section has been compiled for regular folks like you and me – Employees, Professionals, Freelancers, Solopreneurs, Home-based Businesses, etc.

Productive man

  1. 12 Tips for Increasing Productivity
  2. Productivity Hacks from LinkedIn Influencers (Slideshare)
  3. Why Productivity Hacks do not work?
  4. 50 ways to Increase your Productivity.
  5. How to Increase Workplace Productivity
  6. 15 Tips on how to increase your Productivity
  7. 23 Ways to Improve your productivity
  8. 8 Simple ways to increase your office Productivity
  9. 10 Morning Tips to increase your Productivity
  10. How more vacation time can increase Productivity
  11. To increase Productivity, remember the 2 Cs
  12. How to increase productivity when you don’t feel like it
  13. The Best Ways to be Productive when your juice is gone
  14. The 5 Psychological Theories of Motivation to Increase Productivity
  15. 6 Tips for Productivity Improvement
  16. How to increase productivity by Scheduling your workweek
  17. Motivation is a Muscle: The 7 Best Ways to Increase your Productivity
  18. 13 CEOs and Founders reveal their Top Productivity Hacks
  19. 7 Things Highly Productive people do
  20. 15 ways to be More Productive
  21. Best Productivity advice you will ever receive
  22. Productivity Hacks that Successful People use Everyday
  23. Top 10 Productivity Hacks – Overview
  24. 11 Productivity Hacks from Successful Entrepreneurs
  25. 11 Extremely Successful people share their Best Productivity Hacks
  26. Effective Planning using the Pomodoro Technique and the Results Curve
  27. 12 Successful Entrepreneurs share their best Productivity Hacks
  28. 3 Productivity Hacks You Should Be Using At Work (And 2 You Shouldn’t)
  29. Productivity Hacks that build a great team at Home and at Home
  30. Work Smarter, Not Harder: 21 Time Management Tips to Hack Productivity
  31. 7 Lifehacks to maximize your Productivity
  32. 9 Productive Hacks
  33. 15 Productivity Hacks for Work and Life
  34. 15 Smart Hacks for Maximizing Productivity
  35. 7 Productivity Hacks you could be using right now
  36. 7 Life Hacks to Increase Productivity
  37. 12 Productivity Hacks for feeling less Stressed
  38. June 20th is World Productivity Day
  39. Removing Distractions and Getting Shit done
  40. 9 sure-fire Productivity Hacks
  41. How to Be More Productive At Work [Infographic]
  42. 10 Productivity Tips that will “WOW” Your Boss
  43. 10 Productivity Hacks to Kick-start Your Day
  44. 15 Lifestyle Hacks That Will Improve Your Productivity
  45. Top 5 Hacks to Do More in Less Time
  46. 19 Science-Backed Productivity Tips & Tricks
  47. 10 Productivity Boosts Backed by Science
  48. Workplace Wellbeing: Drastically Boost Your Productivity With Exercise
  49. What You Need to Know to Be Productive at Work
  50. 8 Distractions You Can Turn into Motivators
  51. 5 Ways Biking To Work Can Help Boost Your Productivity
  52. 5 Productivity Sins You Are Unknowingly Committing (2020 Edition)
  53. 7 Productivity Advice for People in Their Very First Jobs
  54. Why Getting Things Done is The Best Productivity System For You
  55. Hard Work or Smart Work? What to Adopt?
  56. Top 10 Superfoods to Boost Your Productivity

Out-of-the-Box Productivity Hacks

Some of the ideas in the below articles are surprising, some are humorous; some are strange; for some, you will question the validity – nevertheless, an interesting list.

  1. 4 Unconventional ways to Increase Productivity
  2. 5 Distractions that actually increase Productivity
  3. How napping can relive sleep deprivation and increase productivity
  4. Hiding from Managers can increase Productivity
  5. 4 Productivity Tips that will help you Focus at Work
  6. 100 time, energy and attention Hacks to be More Productive
  7. 22 Powerful Productive Hacks for Small Businesses
  8. World’s Most Creative Minds
  9. Key Productivity Tips you do Everyday
  10.  Watching Cute Cat videos can help Productivity 
  11. 6 Totally Strange but Effective Productivity Habits
  12. Use These 7 Tips to Improve Your Team Productivity Today
  13. How Can Mobile Apps Boost Employee Productivity?

Job Specific Productivity Hacks

Best Productivity tips

  1. For Sales Professionals 25 Productivity Hacks from Sales Experts
  2. For Sales Professionals 10 Sales Productivity Hacks
  3. For Academics (Students, Teachers) Productivity Hacks, Tips, Hints
  4. For Bloggers 10 Practical Productivity Hacks of Successful Bloggers
  5. For Freelancers Top Productivity Hacks
  6. For Web designers Productivity Hacks
  7. For Engineers 6 Productivity Hacks to Improve Efficiency
  8. For Leaders & Executives Three Executive Productivity Hacks
  9. For Entrepreneurs  5 Productivity Hacks to help get stuff done
  10. For the Small Business Owner Productivity Hacks
  11. For Small Business Owners 10 Useful Productivity Hacks
  12. For IT Teams Inbox Zero
  13. For Small Business Owners 10 Powerful Productivity Hacks
  14. For Teachers 18 Epic Productivity Hacks
  15. Startup CEOS  The Best Productivity Hacks of Startup CEO’s
  16. For HR Professionals 8 HR Hacks You Can Follow to Improve Employee Productivity
  17. For HR Managers 10 Ways HR Managers Can Improve Employee Productivity in the Workplace
  18. For Software Developers 9 Productivity Hacks for Software Developers

Productivity Hacks for The Workplace

This section is specifically for organizations, Business owners, Managers, Leaders, and Human Resources.

Being Productive

  1.  12 Ways to Improve Productivity at the Workplace.
  2. 10 Simple Exercises to Increase Productivity in the Office – Part 1
  3. 10 Simple Exercise to Increase Productivity in the Office – Part 2
  4. How to set goals for Productivity in the workplace
  5. What you need to know about Employee Loyalty
  6. How to turn on your employees at work?
  7. Five Workplace innovations that can increase Office Productivity?
  8. Employee Wellness Program
  9. Supporting employees helps businesses improve Productivity
  10. Increase Productivity, Take Vacation
  11. Boost Engagement to increase Productivity
  12. Ten ways to increase employee productivity
  13. Increase Productivity by offering telecommuting opportunities
  14. To raise Productivity, let more employees work from home
  15. Technology leads to an 84% increase in Office Productivity
  16. 5 Essential Elements of increase Workforce Productivity
  17. Workspace Designs to increase your Productivity
  18. 6 Simple Tips to Increase Employee Productivity
  19. How to Stay Productive when an Employee Quits
  20. 6 Easy Productivity Formulas to Make Your Business Better
  21. How to Be More Productive at Work: The Epic Guide
  22. How To Make Your Employees Work Smarter, Not Harder To Increase Productivity
  23. 5 Ways Meditation Helps in Boosting the Productivity of Employees
  24. 10 Ways You Can Increase The Productivity of Your Team
  25. Top 10 Tips that Fuels Employee Productivity
  26. 6 Top Tips To Improve The Productivity And Efficiency Of Employees
  27. 7 Ways to Improve Employee Productivity Away From the Desk
  28. How Employee Recognition Awards Improve Productivity
  29. 7 Ways to Maximize Downtime in the Workplace
  30. 8 Extremely Productive Things You Can Do When The Office Internet Is Down
  31. 3 Tips for Bosses: Make Your Office a Productivity Powerhouse
  32. 9 Efficient Ways To Increase Productivity At Workplace
  33. Anatomy of a Happy Productive Office
  34. 5 Ways Informal Learning Tools Boost Workplace Productivity
  35. 6 Incredible Tips to Help You Build a More Productive Workforce
  36. A Healthy Work Environment = Productive Work Environment
  37. How Productivity is Affected By Office Design and Layout?
  38. 4 Shocking Causes of Low Levels of Productivity At Work
  39. The 4 Stages Towards Greater Office Productivity

Technology Specific Productivity Hacks

This list would not be complete without looking at Modern Technology that can help us with getting our work done more effectively & efficiently. Gone are the days, where we only thought of Productivity as only Lists and Sticky-notes.

In this section, we will look at various Apps, Softwares, websites, etc. that will help you to be more productive.

Yup, there is an App for that 🙂 !!

Productivity Hacks 2020

  1. How Technology makes us more Efficient & Productive
  2. How can I increase my Productivity on a Computer
  3. 10 Tips for Increasing Productivity through Technology
  4. Technology can help or hurt Productivity
  5. Mobile Technology for increasing Productivity & Profitability?
  6. How to Increase Sales Productivity?
  7. The Productivity Paradox
  8. 11 Productivity Points to Reclaim your 40-Hour week
  9. 15 Productivity Tips that speed up your Efficiency
  10. 10 Software Tools That Can Save You Time at Work
  11. How can I be more Productive when using a Computer?
  12. 7 Apps that will make you more Productive
  13. 55 Apps that can make you more Productive
  14. 12 Useful Productivity Apps
  15. 7 Productivity Apps to Help You Get it all done Fast
  16. 10 Time-Tracking Apps That Will Make You More Productive In 2014
  17. Boost Your Productivity: The Best Productivity Apps Of 2019
  18. 6 Top Productivity Apps & Tools to Use in 2019
  19. 8 Best Habit-Tracking Apps to Help You Stick to Your Goals
  20. 10 Productivity Apps You Need in Your Life (2020)
  21. Chrome, Mac, Gmail Productivity Hacks
  22. Google Apps 7 Google Productivity Hacks That Will Change Your Business
  23. Google Calendar 5 Ways to Unlock the Power of Google Calendar
  24. Android Apps Must-have Android Apps that will make you Smarter & Productive
  25. For Blackberry users 15 Blackberry Apps to Increase Productivity
  26. For iPhone Top 50 Productivity Apps
  27. iPad Apps 10 iPad Apps for Personal Productivity
  28. For Mac OS-X 10 Productivity Hacks
  29. Microsoft Outlook  10 Microsoft Outlook Hacks To Change The Way You Use Email At Work
  30. WordPress 10 WordPress Plugins That Help Boost My Productivity
  31. Slack  12 High-Powered Slack integrations You Need to Try
  32. Evernote The Best 75 Evernote Alternatives — The Complete Review [2020]

So, there it was … You have just seen 100+ articles on Productivity. I hope you liked the compiled list and you found it useful.

Now you have no more excuses:) – you have all the tips, tricks, shortcuts to be More Productive.

If you come across, an article that could be added to this list, please let me know.

I am curious to hear your thoughts and feedback.

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