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Some of you might feel guilty for not doing productive activities at the end of the day, isn’t it? We can’t define productivity nor can it be measured. Besides, it is not how much work you have done but, what matters most is efficiently doing the work. Some peers don’t have work experience and are fresher to handle their corporate life. These people found it difficult to meet with deliverables executed on the critical path.

Food, shelter and social connections are basic human needs. Similarly, Focus and motivation are connected to establish a productivity goal. Productivity makes its way for every aspect of life. Especially, in this competitive world, our days are filled with distraction and unexpected disruptions. But, if you have one point or one thought to do one important thing before exposing yourself then you can be sure that you’ll make continual progress on things that matter most.

Clients mostly depend on teams for launching products, feature discussion and understanding the outmanoeuvre competitors. It might be a tough job for people in their first jobs to deliver, produce, staying creative, insightful, accurate and proactive even under pressure. This has been passing for decades among all fresher out there.

In this article, we will discuss some practical productivity hacks especially when you are starting your very first job.

A Case in Point

Let’s take an example to understand how productivity is needed in an organization:

Initially, the productivity calculator looks like:

Productivity = Output/Input

This is the classical model that improves productivity based on increasing output and input. Taking you to a survey done by the latest research from the University of Warwick, only happiness is the key to make people more productive. The relation with your inside company, the satisfaction you get at the work area and the exceptional comfort usually are more important than the pay scale for employees.

Today the best companies are those who have built a great relationship and a trust factor with employees. They are treated with respect & gratitude to show better results. 

David Williams once said when employees understand the role better, it leads to positive relations and success of the company. And later he emerged two different variables in the productivity calculator.

Productivity = Meaningful Work + Progress

One of the researchers reveals that due to poor management the meaningfulness was destroyed.

Check a few of the destroyer of meaningfulness in employees:

  • Not appreciating and recognizing employee contributions.
  • Disengage between personal and company values.
  • Giving employee futile work.
  • Not treating employees well.
  • Create a disconnect between colleagues.
  • Override employee judgment which leads to the feeling of disempowerment.
  • Putting an employee in an unsafe situation and creating unnecessary risks.

I know the above discussion doesn’t belong to the productivity hack, but it’s not always the employee who is wrong. Adding a few improvements in the management can also help employee productivity at work.

You’ll find lots of famous CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders have written ideas for office productivity for their employees and team to help them work better. But the choice is yours, choose the one that better suits you and make you feel happy after a productive day.

Without any further ado, let’s dive in to study a few of the easy productive hacks for people in their first jobs.

1. Jot Down Your MIT (Most Important Tasks)

After reaching the office sit down at your desk and list three MIT tasks that plan your whole day. To get a clear idea Pen it down or add it to your sticky note. Once you noted it, identify the task and based on the priority you can start working on it. Keep an estimate about how long the task will take to complete and how to get it done on time allocated by you.  

You can prioritize the work by capturing everything on Master List which later can break down into monthly, weekly and daily goals. Don’t get too task-oriented while setting priorities as checking will feel you good at first but will take your closer to complete everything in one place.

If you’re looking for a method to prioritize the task then understand this mechanism where you can identify the urgency of the work by contributing the important task based on long-term mission, goals, and values. Know the technique:

  • Urgent and Important Task Complete the task as soon as possible.
  • Important But Not Urgent  Choose which task you need to schedule first.
  • Urgent But Not Important —  Assign the task to someone.
  • Neither Important Not Urgent Drop the task from the list and do it when you’re free to work on it.

Employees who can manage the time and task well are more productive, efficient and more likely to meet deadlines. For this, they have to focus on time-sensitive tasks and limit the amount of time wasted on non-essential things. Know how to do this:

Types of Time Management Skills

  • Prioritizing  Don’t try to do everything at once, prioritize the task and based on that complete the most important one first.
  • Scheduling  Allocate specific time for each task and schedule it for a day, week, and month. Besides, it’s a good way to avoid procrastination.
  • Keeping a To-Do-List  Avoid spending days thinking about what and how to do it. Split the task and based on the list you can carry on to work each day.
  • Resting  Working long and skipping breaks can improve productivity for a short time but may exhaust you.

2. Use the Pomodoro Technique

If you’re seeking productive task tips then this is the best tip for you to grow yourself. Pomodoro Technique brings magic and great change in you after repeated usage. It works well after using it daily. It’s a hack that brings the ability to focus and gives you 10X better results. This technique is so powerful that it uses conditioning to put you in zone instantly. It helps in concentration with reducing half of your work but working at great speed.

Pomodoro Technique-Productivity Tips

Source: blog.idonethis.com

It works by breaking down your day into various segments such as take 25 minutes of work break and a 5-minute break at the end to grab a coffee, spend it for yourself, talk to your coworkers, and check social messages and anything else that isn’t related to work.

3. Control your Mood by Feeding The Right Information

As we all know your mind plays a vital role in impacting your productivity. For that, you need to be calm and collected by getting through plenty of things. The mind gets distracted very soon by confusion, anxiety, anger, and depression. At this time you have to do what your mind tells you, you should know how to make it happy by listening to music, eating good breakfast, ignoring the emails and accomplish your goal with controlling your mind.

Avoiding unnecessary tasks may sometimes be needed as there are times when you have to work on the unwanted chore. Learn how to say NO and don’t be afraid to walk up to your boss and tell him about the task that is not required. Make sure your saying doesn’t mean the complaint, you can use an alternative approach that can be more efficient, faster and more cost-effective. Express your viewpoint in the form of a solution that will benefit the organization in a better way.

This small productivity hack can save your lot of time where you don’t have to undergo major adjustments and at the same time, your boss will be thrilled to know about your hard work.

4. Don’t Multitask

It happens whenever you change gears while switching from one assignment to another. Adjust accordingly! Based on priority, you have to remind yourself about all the little details of the job and area of experience you’re into. There are chances that the process might be time-consuming and will make you feel jumbled and discombobulated.

Create a kind of batch processing as you need to spend little time in switching task to task. But make sure you don’t jump again & again for small tasks as your mind won’t be able to handle many chunks in a day. Switch to another task when you have completed one task, this will surely help you with reducing the amount of time and give a feel of productivity.

Start with batching with new things at a time, our productivity hacks recommended to start with email, phone call task, writing tasks, discussion and summary of the task done. I hope this tip benefits you!

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5. Use Website Blockers for Distractions

If you find that there are a lot of distractions and a few of the entertaining sites might ruin your productivity then start using the site blockers which will help you to work without interruptions. How to do it, simply go to Google and type your browser and site blocker. You can easily find the best one to use.

Some of the popular site blockers are:

Moreover, you can also listen to music while working as it helps in improving concentration and focus more on work. One can experiment by listening to different kinds and genres of music to increase productivity and maintaining things well.

6. Start With the 2 Minute Rule

This is a quick and best tip which can be done in 2 minutes. Throughout the day, of any small task pop-ups and you don’t want to waste time in it then think for a while that this task will get complete in 2 minutes. If yes, then do it. If not then add the task after your three priority tasks.

How did it start?

Originally, this trick was discovered from David Allen’s bestselling book, ‘Getting Things Done’. For example, you’ll find several surprising things that can be done in less than 2 minutes. Such as sending emails, small content change, revising data, cleaning the clutter, washing dishes after the meal and so on.

How to adopt it?

Start a habit of doing a small task for 2 minutes or less. The purpose behind this rule is you can set a 2 minutes goal and accomplish it with a simple reason. Once you get started with this rule you’ll notice plenty of improvement in performance. You can also develop a task management app to help your employee’s productivity and give a new facelift to your organization.

7. What’s Tomorrow?

There was an unknown author who once said that ‘I always wake up on my to-do list’. This saying doesn’t suit every person out there. You can always plan for tomorrow on the day before going to bed. As planning on the same day would waste your time thinking about what to do and where to start with. Plan before a day and see how this to-do list will help you grow and improve yourself.

A Person Opening Her Journal

Useful Reading Tips for the First Day at the Office

You simply need to give a few minutes at the end of the day and wake up the next morning to start working on the task you listed. Only five to ten minutes can save your next day 30 minutes. What else you can do is clear your mind from various distractions and a good night’s sleep as you have already planned for the next day. You’ll get a nice and centred mood when you wake up the next morning.

The ground rule to stay ultra-productive at work is formally said by Mark Twain that:

“if it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.”

This is one of the best Eat the Frog techniques that encourage the employee to do the task based on priority and complete it within the scheduled time.

Ending Thoughts

I hope the above 7 tips and ideas helped you function well. The explanation will be pretty useful as it will allow you to work smarter rather than work harder.

If you haven’t incorporated these tips then resonate on you and check your productivity you can get each day. Get possible results without increasing nor decreasing your efforts. A good tip would be ‘Set the ball rolling for the rest of the day and complete the task at your best possibility’.


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