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It is well-known that skill enhancement can be efficiently obtained through programs. Such as educational learning management systems (LMS), which combine the best practices for training skills and gaining valuable knowledge.

Hence, when an organization hits new productivity low and struggles with daily routines, they turn to LMS tools to enhance skills and boost employee motivation.

According to a recent report on the American economy, the workforce seems to have experienced a drastic decline in productivity.

And although the reasons for such a decline are varied, the main points remain lack of investment in innovations such as new technology and avoiding to incorporate an effective employee training program to engage them and unlock their full potential.  

All of these facts lead to one crucial question – in what manner can a learning management software positively address this issue?

Well, if you follow the motivating steps below, you can discover the most efficient methods LMS systems grant to those who apply their useful features to grow their business operations. After all, 97% of employees claim that learning management truly improves their learning curve.

How to Proceed

Before anything else, incorporate the LMS system training in your corporate culture. By doing so, a business sets up a positive example to provide necessary employee motivation.

Encouraging and enabling workers to learn with and from each other, through provided formal courses and beneficial feedback, is the first step of raising the overall morale. 

Organizations need to break their stale & bad habits in order to increase productivity. And what is a better way than personalized training experience with memorable visuals, clearly defined business goals, and the gift of learning at an individual employee’s own pace, or putting it simply, anytime and anywhere?

Course-Employee Connection

Teamwork and Collaboration

LMSs offer numerous useful tools to support content creation. However, to make an impact on productivity, the course designer has to make a valid assessment of the skills. And knowledge each employee possess and therefore built a unique content to fill the knowledge gaps.

By stating it is in their best interests to achieve personal ambitions, customized courses will help the workforce to further develop their skills. As well as motivate them to reach higher.

Having said that, they need to know that they will get a reward in the form of recognition, which is quite simple to achieve given that LMS software tracks employee’s performance.

Better yet, after the course is completed, with the use of this educational tool a business could offer a certificate to encourage employees and retain talent within the company.

Small Milestones Lead to Long-Term Goals

When thinking about the perfect motivation that fuels productivity, it is safe to say that completing objectives with minimum effort and maximum engagement is the ultimate dream.

But this dream is achievable by dividing a long-term business goal into small milestones that the corporate learners will appreciate and work on faster, and with more enthusiasm.

For example, after every crucial milestone is achieved, there should be a small celebration for dedicated learners.

Not only will this increase their desire to contribute and work harder. But it will also provide the perfect opportunity to enhance employee collaboration among the team, as well as between different departments.   

Relevant & Interesting Training

Internet Mobile Connection

People are different, so everyone has their own approach to learning, which governs their unique performance. So, just by identifying the knowledge gaps. And incorporating them into a course will not make them care more.

In order to boost motivation, the training has to be interesting. Good thing though, LMS can provide the most interesting lessons, if used in the right manner. You can add different visual aids to adjust the course to each learner.

Research proves that up to 65% of the population learn well with visual aids. Thus, add images, illustrations, charts, graphs, videos, and audio to help ease the course navigation and increase their retention.

Use Gamification

The special feature of LMS systems is the ability to use gamification. Employees love it, while the market research shows the steady growth and continuous demand for an active learning environment.

Regarding game mechanics, gamification is designed to motivate people to solve problems and accomplish certain goals.

There are plenty of perks. But the best example is when the employees compete to get the best scores, which is yet another advantage when it comes to skill enhancements and employee assessments.

It awakens the drive to aim for the first place and builds the learner’s confidence level. Therefore, apart from rapid learning, workers can also rapidly evolve their talents.

Regular Feedback


Motivation doesn’t solely come from the learning program because employees require care, guidance, and acknowledgement. If they feel like their work is for nothing, they will not complete the course. Hence, regular feedbacks are essential to keep them engaged.

Pointing out their efforts, listening, and giving the learners dynamic solutions when they struggle will ensure that they stay on a productive path.

The training can’t be limited to courses only, as additional requirements come in the way of correct mentoring and picking the learners up when they get visibly stuck.    


Does your business need a productivity boost for skill enhancement?

If things can get better in the skill department, then you need to consider the affordable, yet powerful motivational tools such as education learning management systems.

Employees love them, while establishments use them to cut costs and increase productivity.

It is a win-win situation that supports the individual as well as corporate growth for skill enhancement.

And knowing that the only way to successfully set up long-term goals is by dividing them into small achievements, it’s obvious that the first step to success hides in the LMS system for business

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Kamy Anderson is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of corporate training and education. He has 7+ years of experience working with ProProfs learning management system and other eLearning authoring tools, which has given him a hands-on experience of the latest course authoring software and an exclusive insight into the eLearning industry.

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