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It’s one thing to be productive and another thing to be busy. If you always find yourself being busy and working all the time, you’re probably not managing your time well enough.

If you’re being productive and mindful at work then you’ll always find time to do the non-work-related things you love doing.

Do you have to practice mindfulness to be productive?

Yes, because to be mindful you are just focusing on what you are currently doing. Hence, no distractions.

To be more clear, according to Dictionary.com, mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment.

If you think about it, when we want to be more productive at work, we should just be at the moment and concentrate on the current task we are doing so we can get it done on time.

If we are doing our job and our mind is elsewhere, we won’t be really getting things done or we probably might but the quality of our work isn’t there.

So what should you do?
Use a productivity app that will manage your time and tasks for you. A productivity app that will help you practice mindfulness so you can do more work in an hour.
You can choose an application from this infographic list. An app or apps that you think are suitable for your needs, from being productive at meetings down to your daily life.
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