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Having high levels of productivity are important when you are trying to reach goals at work. As well as staying focused on those goals.

Sound can directly affect your levels of productivity – both positively and negatively. Yet, if you can find the right types of sound, you will be able to tap into your most productive state so you can get stuff done.

Science of Sound and Productivity

When you are trying to focus on a task at work, environmental sounds are often the most distracting. This type of sound distraction is where many people find they begin to lose their productivity.

When your focus is interrupted by copy machines, office traffic and chit chat, ringing phones, (the list could go on and on), you may find a task takes up more of your time and energy than it should.

As a matter of fact, different sound waves can affect you differently. The four different wavelengths within your brain are: Beta, Alpha, Delta, and Theta and sound can affect each of these wavelengths. While the brain waves of Alpha, Theta, and Delta are typically associated with slower, more relaxed states of being. When you can listen to higher frequencies of sound-your Alpha brain waves will be more in tuned and higher functioning.

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For example, sound waves are measured in Hertz. If you are listening to beta/or gamma sound frequencies, your brain wave Alpha will be in a higher state of alertness. According to Waking Times, these high-frequency sound waves will lead to faster information processing, higher analytical skills, and even bursts of insights.

These high-frequency sounds can come from listening to your favorite music, sounds of nature or even listening to white noise. Some individuals may find listening to their favorite songs or sounds of nature to still be distracting. This is why white noise is often recommended to aid in focus and productivity.

According to Fast Company, white noise can aid those who struggle to pay attention to the task in front of them. White noise can provide the listener ambient sound that does not distract with lyrics or a catchy beat. While at the same time blocking out or masking any external sounds. This distraction-free sound can allow the listener to fully focus on the task at hand without being distracted by the noises of the office.

Regardless of what you decide to listen to for focus, whether it be your favorite songs or some soothing white noise, you will need to wear a pair of comfortable headphones.

Wearing a pair of comfortable headphones will allow you to keep whatever it is you are listening to in your ears for long periods of time. In addition, you will not feel pain after wearing headphones during the entire workday.

You should also find a pair of headphones that properly fit. Stopping to adjust your headphones or the headphone cords can be just as distracting. If not worse, than the background noises you are trying to block out in the first place. Fussing over your headphones is bound to decrease your focus and therefore your productivity so is sure to find a comfortable and suitable pair of headphones.

Have you recently started to use sound as a way to increase your productivity? What sounds do you find help you the most?

Let us know which sounds help keep your focus and productivity levels at their highest by commenting below. Sharing what works for you may help others find what they need to keep their focus and productivity.

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Sarah Jones is the Editor of Headphone Selection. She loves all sound technology and firmly believes in the power of positive music.

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