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If you want to master your career, you’re going to need to prepare.

Preparation is key in all areas of your life. For example, if you’re cooking and you don’t know what ingredients to use – that’s because you didn’t prepare. If things burn and you are panicking, that is because you didn’t prepare. Preparation is essential for everything from childcare, to home maintenance and cooking. It’s also essential for your career.

One of the most obvious ways in which preparation is obviously important in your career is for job interviews. It is very rare that one could walk into a high-level interview and ‘wing it’.

You won’t get the job for simply turning up and if you are asked any questions at the interview, you’ll get caught out. The ways in which one can prepare for an interview are numerous. You’ll dress in good clothes so you need to prepare your outfit for the interview by purchasing, cleaning or ironing the clothes.

Also need to do your research on the role so you can not only answer questions but so that you can ask them as well! You’ll need to plan your journey so that you’re on time and you’ll need to locate the place of the interview so that you can actually get there.

If you don’t prepare in any way, you’re going to increase the amount of difficulty that you face on the day of the interview. In actual fact, you are more than likely to decrease your chances of having a successful interview.

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Preparation is going to be the strong foundation on which your success is built on top of. If you don’t prepare, the foundation of your success is going to be cracked and your career could sway around on top of it.

Where else do we use preparation?

Well, it is before the interview stage. We use it to apply for jobs and read the description and prepare. Also, write our resumes and application forms. Prepare ourselves as the perfect candidate in the hope we are selected for an interview.

What about our jobs? The skill of preparation is key. If certain industries were prepared for the financial crisis of the late noughties, a lot of people might have been better off. Preparation is key in all aspects of working. From organizing your day in an entry-level job right through to preparing for the worst-case scenarios as a manager.

Worst-case scenarios are going to be the basis of preparation in any kind of job and won’t just define success, they will limit your accountability in an emergency that could have been prevented. The type of thing that might see you losing your job, even. Huge issues face every business worldwide, and planning and preparing for these issues is key.

A good example of this would be service outage which is prepared for by investing in data-intensive disaster recovery for any business. Preparing for emergencies is easier than dealing with an emergency.

If you want to go anywhere with your career, prepare. Want to do well in your current role? Prepare. If you want to nail an interview, prepare. Preparation is key.

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