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You may have already come across the essential benefits of meditation. From boosting our energy, the lessening of stress and anxiety, all the way to letting us be more grounded and focused, engaging ourselves with meditation has now become more of a requirement than a hobby, especially in this busy, hectic world.

Of course, everyone must have already known that this practice can all be done more fruitfully in a place that is all calm and collected. But what if I told you that meditation can actually be done in a location that spells stress, often populated, and ultimately radical – your workplace.

Yes, the word is out. Your office is now considered a suitable place to practice meditation. At the top of its benefits, it’s believed that meditating in a workplace comes with some of the most rewarding gains not only to your work output at hand but also to your general well-being.

Today, we’ll look into optimizing these benefits by walking you through on how you can incorporate meditation right in the confines of your office space.

First Things First: Find That Special Space

Although this search may puzzle you at first since our idea of the workplace is always that occupied, most of these locations today come with designated areas in which employees can have a sense of calm and quietude.

If these are not available, make certain that you locate a place where you can conduct meditation with a considerable degree of serenity.

Look for a place that can accommodate your size, with or without chairs, and should not have any distractions like installed phones. Some meeting rooms that are not occupied can also be used for this kind of purpose.

Now, if your work doesn’t offer any of these, a nearby park that is free from passersby will also suffice.

Allocate a Time

Once you’ve found this place, start scheduling some time for this activity. In this regard, it’s important to note that you don’t have to be on all fours when allocating time for meditation. You can start at your most convenient allocation if you must and work from there.

In my case, I first started with 30 minutes, which could either be too long or short for some. As long as you’re comfortable with the time and you’re not rushing or delaying yourself, this activity should work.

Keeping It Simple and Easy

There is no need to rush perfecting your meditation with chants and all the accompanying shenanigans especially when you’re doing it at the office. You’re encouraged to keep it all simple and easy.

Chade-Meng Tan, a mentor of mindfulness techniques at Google, has shared that having a goal of “just one good breath” a day is already sufficient. From there, you can work your way up as long as you’re comfortable and convenient with it.

You see, meditation at the office simply doesn’t require you to pull out all the stops. All you need is one simple breathing and you’re all good.

4 More Ways to Meditate at Work

1. The Power of Hydration and Gratitude

Do you want to show more gratitude to your mind and body? Try drinking more water. In case you’re still one of the few who didn’t hear about the good news: water doesn’t only replenish life each time you drink it, it also allows you to maximize your life on a grand scale. But you may now be asking: how does water benefit meditation?

It’s simple: water is everything to meditation. It grounds, cleanses, calms, and replenishes you, aiding you to be at your best when you’re already practicing meditation.

2. The Perks of Getting Inside a Bathroom

You must have already noticed why humans adore heading to a bathroom: we all need a refresher. Bathrooms can be one of the most suitable meditation places at work – just don’t abuse your time in it! At least twice a day, you may retreat into this place, in a bathroom stall perhaps, and practice meditation for five minutes.

Breathe. Stretch your arms and move your toes. And if you’re feeling ambitious, do this with your entire body as long as you get the feeling of being calm and grounded afterward.

3. The Art of Living in the Present

While we’re discussing the sense of being grounded, you must be all calm and collected when you’re practicing meditation at work. Many may find this challenging as the word “work” along can bring your mind anywhere but to your present self. Do this to challenge yourself and believe me when I tell you that the benefits are worth it!

Here’s how you can remain grounded at work for just two minutes: Begin by closing your eyes every morning and afternoon for at least one minute. Conjure up a radiating light going inside your body, effectively bridging it right on the surface and to the sky if you must.

Once imagined, consider practicing sets of breathing techniques until you feel that you’re ready to face your work and day again.

4. The Wonders of Nature

There is always something about nature that keeps us all mindful and grounded. The hush of rustling leaves, the scent of clean air, you name it, each of these sensations touches our mind and soul like nothing else. And so, this is where meditation comes into the scene.

As it is, it is suggested that you develop your very own space that cultivates nature and Earth right in the very confines of your office.

Be it a rock garden beside your monitor or a standalone plant greeting you beside your cubicle, these nice touches should be able to bring you a sufficient amount of calm and nature.

Concluding Thoughts

There is more to meditation than just settling on a yoga mat and practice some breathing techniques at home. No, meditation can also be enjoyed while you’re at your office.

And the good news is, the benefits are even more rewarding especially when they’re done with just about the right dose of discipline and patience.

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