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Money has become an almost taboo subject when it comes to careers. While it’s very important to incentivize progress, the idea of bonuses, rewards, monetary allowances, and claims has left many people feeling that their higher-ups are unjustly rewarded.

Furthermore, going for promotion over someone else requires that fierce competition that can drive a social wedge between people.

While you are always free to make the choices you want, sometimes it can feel tempting to try and find a career that enthuses you, one which allows you to make a good amount of money, but doesn’t keep that as the main focus.

Arguably, this can usually help you earn the most money. Outside of careers such as investment, accounting, and stockbroking, competence is usually built without thinking too much of money outside of standard business operations.

For example, if you hope to be the best horse trainer, you focus on making your craft the most competent in the area you advertise to. This will grow your funding organically, as your customer base will grow.

The following careers will also help you feel as though you’re doing some good. They have been carefully chosen for the most opportunistic career paths.

The paths in these careers offer a natural ascension through the ranks as your competence grows. Paychecks are important, but in these jobs, the rewards you gain will be much more meaningful.


Working care assistant jobs often give you the most raw and intimate connection with people. Helping people and gifting them a higher quality of life allows for a natural form of bonding. It also allows you to feel genuinely happy about the work you do daily.

Of course, certain duties, particularly in general care and health might make you wonder about how much you’re being compensated to perform that action, but on the whole thoughts about your salary will be superseded by the daily connection and help you give to someone who truly needs it.

As you develop in qualifications and experience, you can become a full carer, and administrator, and then maybe even run your government-subsidized program one day.

Instead of a trail of broken bridges and worries about the money behind you, you’ll have a legacy of people who have honestly enjoyed a better life thanks to your efforts.

Charity Work

Believe it or not, charity workers are often salaried too. While recent controversies have called into question just how many operating costs are required for the larger charities to conduct business and take a percentage of the funds they raise for this, there are charities out there truly worth your time and effort.

Charity work isn’t always necessarily an individual fundraiser, although this can be a wonderful experience.

Being employed to help build shelters in Africa, craft wells in the Congo and conduct all manner of humanitarian work is a job that can stimulate your desire to help people and travel at the same time.

Of course, charities have hierarchies, and these often offer promotion potential. You are noticed based on the competency of work you commit, and the lasting value of it. This is much more satisfying than simply making a balance sheet look more attractive to shareholders.

Doing good in the world CAN be a profitable venture. You just need to look in the right places.

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