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Deciding to shift your career after years of being employed may be a little difficult; especially if you already have built years of working experience in one company. It is not the most practical career decision now that you are in your 40s and nearing the twilight of your professional career.

But when you are no longer happy with your career and you want a change, should your age hold you back? No, it’s not yet too late to change my career and find satisfaction. But before you start looking for a new job, here are some things you need to know first for shifting career.

1. Employers Have Different Ways of Checking Your Background

As a part of the selection process for prospective employees – employers and hiring managers may use different ways to background check the applicants. They no longer settle in checking your resume for references. With the help of technology, background checking seems to be a lot easier.

Here are some ways your employer can check into you which you need to clean up.

Google Search. About 50% of recruiters use search engines like Google to research their job candidates. So make sure that Google gives the right information to them. They could make a judgment based on what they see in the results. Try to search yourself online to check information about you.

Social Media. Make sure to clean up your social media channel. Delete posts complaining about your previous jobs and boss. Make sure your posts including images and albums are not offensive and if you must post your opinions, construct them concerning other parties.

Credit Check. If you are applying for a job that requires handling money, hiring managers will likely ask consent to perform a credit check to make sure to can be trusted.

Employers and hiring managers want to make sure that they would hire the right person for a certain job, so make sure you can provide them a clean, impressive background.

2. Some Vacancies May Not Be Available Offline

Gone are the days when companies would post job openings on their physical stores and offices. These days, companies would rather post online aside from local newspapers for job openings. If you want to land a good job you need to maximize your job searching by being online as well.

Jobvite 2015 Recruiter Nation study shows that a whopping 92% of recruiters use online channels specifically social media in sourcing candidates. Joining groups and communities for job searchers would be an opportunity for you to find the right career to take.

It is also recommended that you check some job posting sites such as Indeed or niche-specific job sites such as bloggingpro for bloggers and writers and locumtenens for healthcare jobs.

3. Interview Questions Maybe Different Than Your Last Application

Unlike before, job interview questions are now more unconventional. You might be surprised but most recruiters may ask tricky questions to test your personality and skills. Some of these questions may seem to be unrelated to the position you are applying but are a good career assessment. So you have to prepare yourself for the most unexpected questions.

Questions like your favorite superhero, whether you are a dog or cat person or your spirit animal may catch you off guard but you have to stay calm and confident. There are no right and wrong answers. Try to relate your answer to the job you are applying to and your skills. These questions are just ways to assess your character, skills, and creativity which is needed for most job positions.


It is not yet too late for you to change your career. If you think you can no longer be productive in the company you are currently in, you can always look for other options. There are just things you need to be ready with.

Job search maybe a little bit different from before. You just need to be aware of the changes in career hunting so you can still nail your job application even if you are not as young as were. So good luck for shifting career.


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