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As we all are getting settled into 2017, we usually set out goals we’d like to achieve throughout the year.

Making new year resolutions is a popular tradition, most don’t follow or stick to them. Sticking to a diet to lose weight or picking up a new hobby. Somethings to consider is to take a step forward in your career.

This isn’t a small goal and there are several steps to planning the best career move available for you. 

As the year changes, so do the approach you take to standing out in today’s world in chase of that dream career.

Competition is always a major factor when applying for a popular job, if a job seems to be a dream choice then most likely they’ll be a high number of people who think the same as you. It’s your job to stand out from the rest, show the employer’s you’re the one who will make the most of that position

Planning is at the forefront of this, going in fully prepared puts you head and shoulders above the competition.

Take a Step Take a Step Back and Consider the Pros and Cons

It is always so easy to see your dream career move in front of you and to immediately jump straight into sending your CV off in an email or filling out that application form.

But before you do that, it’s wise to take a step back and evaluate everything about the job. Consider points like your own financial situation, the location, and the job properties.

Nothing is worse than getting a job that you think will be perfect for you, to find out a few weeks into it that you’ve gotten ahead of yourself. Make sure you’re clear-headed and you’ve taken everything into account.

Undertake a Career Aptitude Test

Sometimes a job just isn’t sitting well with you, or you feel your skills and interests don’t align very well with the work you’re carrying out.

A good idea is to take a career aptitude test to evaluate what job aligns with your skills and opinions.

Going off a choice system, the test will take your wants from a job and compare them with a variety of industries and careers that you may not usually think of when searching for a new job.

These all have a higher chance of career success if they align with your interests and opinions on work ethic.  

Sign up to a Certificate Course

Sometimes a new job or career requires a bit more than experience or wanting the job the most. A lot of successful positions require educational qualifications like degrees, which often to 3 to 4 years to complete. This may suit your needs, but many people do not have the time for a degree and a full-time job to support themselves.

A choice that may help you is to take a part-time certificate course to help boost your knowledge. This shows that you’re willing to put in the time and effort to acquire more information to perform better at the job.

Doing that one step more than the competition is what usually decides the outcome for your next career move.

Enhance Your Profile on Social Media

Social Media Profile

Social media is already a huge part of our society and is growing every day. The same goes for your job and future career prospects.

Your social media profile is a window into your life that potential employers will use to get to know you before inviting you to an interview for that dream job. If you have a poor social media profile that isn’t professional or posts inappropriate things, this will have a huge negative impact on your image.

Make sure that, if your Facebook and Twitter are public to everybody to see, that they are free of inappropriate comments and images to avoid offense.

Ensure that you create a LinkedIn account, especially if you’d like to pursue a potentially competitive career. Keep it up to date and informative on your current job and hobbies.

Keep Your Resume Updated

Potentially, one of the most important points to take on board for your next career move, keep your resume current and up to date. Keep it clean and informative so that anybody that reads it has a brief explanation of your role and it isn’t filled with unnecessary fluff to create content that isn’t there.

Always remember to put in additional courses and awards that you’ve accumulated to add a personal touch to avoid it coming off like a robotic template.

Following these points will hopefully help you achieve your dream career and enable you to continue to grow your skills.

Take the Help of Recruitment Agencies

One of the best ways to shape your career and find the right job opportunities in the market is to take the help of a recruitment agency. The primary function of recruitment agencies is to help the companies get suitable candidates for the vacant positions.

Before the candidates are sent to the companies for the interviews, the recruitment agencies make sure that they provide all the necessary help to the interviewees so that they can easily crack the interviews.

If you are looking forward to finding good recruitment agencies, you can approach Attic Recruitment, which has an extensive track record of providing excellent services to its clients and the right opportunities to the candidates looking for jobs.

Following these points will hopefully help you achieve your dream career and enable you to continue to grow your skills with carefully-planned next career move. 


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Maria Simpson is a highly passionate writer, who has been writing on career counseling, career guidance and interview skills for a couple of years now. She often expresses her views on current interview trends.

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