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Building a successful career takes more than just showing up to work and ticking items off your daily task list.

Those who succeed are the ones who go that extra mile with everything they do, who form meaningful and dynamic relationships with their teammates. And who have something to offer their business that no-one else can? And this usually means ‘ideas’.

While some ideas seem obvious but require someone to pipe up and suggest them, other ideas can be unique to your imagination. The results of your specific education, experience, and that moment of inspiration.

These types of ideas can be harder to get accepted at work, but they’re the ideas that. When they work out well – can make all the difference to your career.

So how can you convince your boss to give your big suggestion a chance?

It’s no good just blurting out what comes into your mind during that lightbulb moment; unless you’re in the middle of a brainstorming session. You will likely do a better job of getting your idea across if you take time to develop it and prepare your presentation.

Good ideas are most convincing when they address a specific problem on multiple levels. Even if you’ve had a flash of inspiration for a new product or process, spending some time thinking about its practical application and implications will give you a firmer footing when you present it to your boss. This requires research, thought, writing, and rehearsal.

Even if you’re sure your idea is watertight if you’re not a strong salesperson then getting it accepted can still be a challenge. There is a whole range of rhetorical and physical techniques for convincing individuals or groups that you’re the voice of reason. And many of these are explored, along with idea development strategies, in this graphic from NetCredit.

So, before you blow your big opportunity, take a moment to tune up your idea and your sales pitch. This could be the moment your boss realizes your unique contribution to the business.


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