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This incredible infographic details the benefits and perks of co-working as opposed to traditional office work.

 It explores all of the various aspects of each, focusing on quality of life benefits, financial value, company cost reductions, productivity, culture and lifestyle, etc. It also compares these aspects with those of working a typical 8-5 office job, describing how limited the view of a cubicle is for an office worker, not only creating literal barriers but also metaphorical barriers to productivity and success!

The shared office is the way to work nowadays, and there’s not a doubt about it, as being constantly surrounded by other driven business starters and influential people will always keep you and your company focused on success!

Rather than being distracted by the other companies around you, which may be a concern of yours, you will instead be inspired to work just as hard or even harder so that you may see the results that you and your company want and need. 

The shared office is truly the way of the future, as almost every co-working space looks like it comes from 20 years in the future!

Co-working is how you make lasting connections outside of your own company that will only serve to benefit you in the long run, as knowing the right people truly is more than half the battle in business.

 When you are consistently enveloped by the productive environment of a co-working space, you will instantly be hooked on the endless drive and passion that the people in that space have for the work they do. There are endless reasons why a shared office will only benefit your business, but it will also benefit you personally.

The environment, the connections, the success that will surround you is unbeatable in any other office environment. From the dull grays and browns of the standard cubicle-filled office to the beautiful blues, comfortable couches, and wonderful workspace of a shared office, there’s no going back once you’ve made the change.

 All in all, a co-working space is more than worth trying out, whether you’re looking for an office space or not, because what you find may just change your life!

Don’t waste another second reading about why shared offices are amazing and come find out exactly why co-working is the way of the future!

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Kim Burmester is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for the ATLAS Workbase, a coworking and shared office space in Seattle. She is passionate about productivity and success in business, and am even more passionate about creating that in a community and for communities as well.

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