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On any given day, how many people are really looking for work?

The interest—or lack thereof—might surprise you. Of people who have jobs, nearly two-thirds are perfectly OK where they are. But that leaves a lot of qualified candidates who might consider working for you on the sidelines—unless you figure out how to adjust your job posting strategy to reach more people and do it with more impact.

Let’s start with that job profile: Turns out, more information in the description is actually better. You have to use that description in a way that helps the reader become convinced that your job can actually benefit them too—not just that they need to figure out how to improve your company.  

Of course, searching on the internet has had an impact on how well-received job postings are, too. That means you have to include common terms that job searchers would probably use, from tools that might be required to software that they need to have expertise with.

You should also be specific not only with the company name or brand, but the location, too. The goal is to find people that are really interested in what you have to offer—not to get applications just for applications’ sake.

Want to learn more about how to make your job descriptions work harder? This graphic can help.


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Amy is a seasoned marketing and advertising professional with a balance of client and agency side experience. Amy specializes in digital and social media strategy. She led social media marketing programs for clients at Sean Tracey Associates, filmmakers at FilmPop, and the start up PortalVideo. At AkkenCloud, as the Digital Marketing Manager, Amy creates digital strategy programs to drive sales and customer retention.

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