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If you are like the average job seeker, you probably have a LinkedIn account that has been updated with your resume, qualifications, and amazing skills that confirm your ability to enter the workforce with confidence. However, if you do not keep on top of your profile, you may be doing more damage than good while looking for your dream job.

LinkedIn is becoming increasingly popular for employers. In fact, as soon as anyone types your name into the internet search, LinkedIn is one of the first results that is discovered. In other words, your LinkedIn profile is attached to your online reputation so it would be in your best interest to make it reflect an excellent version of you!

It is not too late to optimize your online presence. If you are in the process of switching careers, you are in luck. There are many things you can do to polish up your LinkedIn presence and land the job of your dreams. Here are some ways you can shine in front of potential employers.

1. Think BIG for Your Headline

Go big or go home! When it comes to your headline, this is your one shot at making the lasting impression you desire. While this is a major key, you do not have to stress out searching for ways to outdo the next job seeker. All you need to keep in mind is that your headline needs to be understandable to all who would read it, while adding your personal ‘WOW’ factor.

There are thousands of LinkedIn users that are not optimizing their profiles the way they should to win. One major mistake is that many do not update their headlines, therefore using their past job title. Maintaining high quality in LinkedIn profile means choosing the right headline.

For example, instead of writing “Assistant Clerk of Browne Office”, find a more innovative way of getting your point across like “Administrative executive skilled in communicating effectively with clients.” In stating this, you are sharing your position, how you can contribute to future growth, and the individuals you have the potential of impacting positively.

Just keep in mind to keep your ideas short and sweet. You certainly do not want to be too wordy – any resume writing service would tell you the same.

2. Think SEO for Your Summary

When it comes to your summary you will want to remember a few key points. One, you should wish to communicate a story that will show off some of your recent achievements. Next, it would be in your best interest to produce a profile that ranks higher on Google.

In order to do this, you will need to include plenty of keywords that link straight to employers in the industry of your desire. This means that you will need to put in some hard effort in order that you might gain the attention of hiring companies searching for your unique skillset.

You may also consider researching a job listings in your field of choice while remembering to input the reoccurring conditions in this section. Avoid over-embellishing your profile. For example, if you know that you do not have the skills to maintain an accounting position, do not include those pieces of information.

Keep your writing in first person point of view. Do not be afraid to put strong emphasis on your achievements. This will set your profile above all the rest.

3. Think OUTSIDE of the Box

Do you have a collection of excellent work that you know will interest others? It would be in your best interest for your career that you include your LinkedIn profile page as well. This gives you the freedom to post pictures of your prized work or utilize other creative ways in communicating your skillset. For example, if you are an experience photographer, you should consider posting some of your work while linking your profile in the description section.

If you are an aspiring speaker, try posting a picture of you speaking at the event you hosted. Pictures have a way of touching a wide range of people in ways that your words might not be sufficient in communicating.

4. Think of This as MORE Than a Resume

Old are the days when a paper resume was sufficient in order that you might land the job of your dreams. Your LinkedIn profile holds the key to improve your job search than any paper document can. The world is becoming more digital. This is great news for job seekers because now, more than ever, you have the ability of sharing your credentials with millions of potential employers.

No longer must you run from interview to interview to gain attention from your field of interest. Simply upload your resume, include your best skills, and always keep it updated. With a little focus and a whole lot of effort, there is no telling what you are capable of achieving!

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Charles Ebert is a career mentor, motivational speaker & human resources consultant with over 10 years of experience in HR sector. Apart from career mentoring, he loves photography and football. Find him on Linkedin , Twitter, Facebook & Google+.

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