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The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certification is aimed at boosting your technical skills and knowledge of IT. Before you consider getting an ITIL certification, ask yourself if it right for you. Will you stand to benefit from it?

To help you answer these concerns, we’re created a checklist of the kinds of people who do not benefit from an ITIL certification. These individuals should consider other career-boosting certifications if they are looking to better their careers and increase their earnings.

To know the eligibility criteria for ITIL Certification, you can also check this Quora Thread.

1. Individuals With No Background in the IT Field

For individuals lacking an IT background, ITIL is not for you – simply because it will be difficult for you to catch-up. Every individual seeking an ITIL certification must have some knowledge of the basic concepts of Information Technology.

ITIL is a career-based certification, and it is designed to benefit those who are seeking to perfect the art and science of IT. This also means that individuals who do not qualify for any IT related job will not benefit from ITIL.

Many will argue that this aspect does not count, because the certification program starts from the foundation that covers basic concepts. However, while the training starts from the foundation of IT, it will be difficult for someone who lacks an IT background to understand the technical terms and methodologies.

Also, keep in mind that the introduction is only geared towards the rest of the course and is not an introduction to Information Technology as a whole.

2. Individuals Not Seeking a Specialized Career in IT

There are instances where individuals obtain basic knowledge in IT through parallel interests. Again, if you are not trying to build a career in IT, then ITIL is not the certification to consider. For example, some colleges and universities strive to provide basic IT classes in an effort to build a student body that is computer literate.

Therefore, millions of individuals have an introduction to Information Technology as a default. But if you will not be building a career that is specific to an IT department, it is best that you do not waste your time or money by taking ITIL examinations. The benefits of the certification will not be exercised in a non-IT job environment.

3. Personnel Partaking in Software Development

Software development, under software management, is responsible for planning and developing applications. This function is not dependent on an ITIL certification. Some IT-related courses or job descriptions do not require an ITIL certification.

For example, while many think that anything to do with computer software is IT-related, and an ITIL certification will come in handy in promoting efficiency and performance, not every software job requires an ITIL-certified individual. However, those looking to venture into software maintenance will benefit greatly from an ITIL certification.

4. Individuals Planning to Partake in the ITIL Foundation Examinations Only

There are different certifications for ITIL and the very first starts with a foundation level ITIL Certification. Many people with an IT background who are seeking to develop their careers and are just starting out understand the benefits of an extra certification. This is a good idea until you realize that your entire class, as well as millions of others, are thinking the same thing. So any advantage you can get is diluted by the oversupply certification holders.

If you are thinking of only obtaining the ITIL foundation certification, do not even start the process. ITIL benefits only come in handy to those looking to go all the way. It is not enough to simply get to the start of a race and not move.

If you are looking to provide a competitive edge that speaks volumes about your IT skill, then it is recommended that you at least get to the Managing Across A Lifecycle (MALC) ITIL certification.


If your profile matches any of the ones above, ITIL benefits do not trickle down to you. This certification is IT-dependent and persons with no interest or background in the field should seek alternative career-boosting certifications.

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