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While the obvious career paths for law graduates would be barrister or solicitor, some graduates may be surprised to learn of the variety of careers they can apply their degree and skills to.

A law degree is a very respected accomplishment and can teach a multitude of translatable skills that many employers (no matter the profession) regard highly. Including public speaking, critical and analytical thinking, communication, attention to detail, and more.

For those new law graduates who are uninterested in a legal career, we here at MHHP Law have detailed the alternative industries and jobs new law graduates can pursue in the list below.

While we’ve tried to be as comprehensive and thorough as possible, please bear in mind that this is not an exactly precise list, and positions and industries may differ.

Advertising, Marketing, and PR

1. Advertising Account Planner

Advertising Account Planners are responsible for planning and creating briefs for ad campaigns. And essentially giving creative teams a clear direction.

2. Marketing Executive/Manager

Marketing Executives and Managers are roles that come with a lot of varied responsibilities and creative duties, which boil down to promoting your employer’s goods and/or services.

3. Media Buyer/Planner

A Media Buyer or Planner is tasked with finding the best outlets to reach their target audiences and purchasing time or space on that specific advertising platform.

4. Press Officer

Companies employ Press Officers to act as the middle man between the business and the press. And they’re tasked to officially represent the company to the media.

5. Public Relations Account Executive

Typically employed by marketing or PR agencies, a Public Relations Account Executive is responsible for handling multiple clients and promoting them across multiple media channels.

6. Sales Promotion Account Executive

Sales Promotion Account Executive positions are usually found in retail companies or marketing agencies and are charged with specified marketing promotions.

Banking, Finance, and Accounting

Business Newspaper

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1. Chartered Certified Accountant

Becoming a Chartered Certified Accountant (CCA) can open up a wealth of opportunities for a law graduate within both the public and private sectors.

2. Commodity Broker

A Commodity Broker is a specific trader that deals with contracts on behalf of other companies.

3. Financial Advisor

A Financial Advisor is quite self-explanatory, as it’s an individual who provides businesses and clients with advice on how to best manage their finances.

4. Investment Banker

Investment banks offer a diverse range of financial aspects to cover, from corporate finance to fund management, private client services, and more.

5. Pension Scheme Manager

A Pension Scheme Manager ensures that your employer’s business or organization complies with the statutory requirements, as well as make amendments to adhere to new legislation.

6. Tax Advisor/Consultant

Tax consultants are hired by businesses or private clients to tackle particular tax problems or create long-term cost-effective solutions.

7. Tax Inspector

As an employee of the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), you’ll be responsible for monitoring individuals and organizations, to ensure that they pay the right amount of tax within the designated time frames.


1. Administrator

An Administrator is needed within every business or organization and can be responsible for the most varied range of office duties.

2. Project Manager

A Project Manager can partake in almost any industry they choose and act as the motivation behind many company operations.

3. Management Consultant

Law graduates tend to be analytical thinkers, which is an ideal quality for a Management Consultant when working to help an organization achieve its goals or implement new strategies.

Charity and Not-For-Profit

1. Advice Worker

An Advice Worker, as implied by the title, provides unbiased advice to many people on multiple topics, such as housing, immigration, education, and more.

2. Charity Officer

A generic name for an employee of a not-for-profit organization or charity, a Charity Officer can work within any department of the cause.

3. International Aid/Development Worker

International Aid workers are employed by organizations such as the Salvation Army, Red Cross, and more, and aim to offer help to people around the world.

Education and Teaching

Career in Education

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1. Academic/Public librarian

Contrary to general opinion, a Librarian is a highly educated and trained individual and is key to helping all manner of libraries run smoothly.

2. Adult Guidance Worker

An Adult Guidance Worker is a supportive figure who specializes in assisting adults that are adjusting to life-changing situations and/or circumstances.

3. Careers/Personal Adviser

Typically employed by the National Careers Service or education institutions, a Careers Advisor or Personal Advisor is there to offer guidance to young people in terms of their future plans.

4. Further Education Lecturer

 By becoming a Further Education Lecturer, you will have the opportunity to teach your specialist subject to students of all academic levels.

5. Primary/Secondary School Teacher

A school teacher, whether Primary or Secondary, is an incredibly important and rewarding position to have, as you get to help shape the next generation’s young minds.

Human Resources and Recruitment

Recruiting Agency - Law Graduates

1. Human Resources Officer

The Human Resources department is an essential part of any business or organisation, and an HR Officer is responsible for recruitment, training, meditating, and more.

2. Recruitment Consultant

Typically working for dedicated recruitment agencies, a Recruitment Consultant can also work in-house for businesses, and their main focus is always to find the best candidate for the role.


1. Editorial Assistant

The most common stepping stone into the world of editorial work, an Editorial Assistant is expected to work as both writer and admin assistant, with many varied responsibilities.

2. Journalist

Journalism is a very popular career choice for graduates of all subjects but can be a great choice for a law graduate as journalists have to work within more legal constraints than you might realize.

3. Publishing Rights Manager

What the duties of a Publishing Rights Manager boil down to is just one simple task: managing the rights of the materials they or their business have purchased. 

Politics and Public Sector

Public Sector - Law Graduates

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1. Civil Service Fast Stream

The Civil Service acts as the behind-the-scenes of the government and offers a wide variety of departments for graduates to set their sights on.

2. Claims Specialists

A Claims Specialist is a person who researches and investigates claims on the behalf of insurance companies, in order to discover whether the claimant is covered by their policy.

3. Government Research Officer

Government Research Officers are tasked with conducting research within the government and then presenting their analyzed data in reports for politicians, civil servants, etc.

4. Police Officer

As a Police Officer, you would be a pillar of the community, and responsible for maintaining law and order as well as investigating crimes and dealing with criminal activity.

5. Parliamentary Assistant

A Parliamentary Assistant provides the main support to MPs, usually in terms of admin in relation to lobbying, legislation, and acting as a liaison to the media when needed.

6. Public Affairs Consultant

Otherwise known as Lobbyists, a Public Affairs Consultant has the opportunity to move within both the public and private sectors, and tracks information on economic, environmental, etc. issues.

7. Trade Union Research Officer

As expected by its title, the duties of a Trade Union Research Officer are to conduct research for trade unions, in particular on issues that may affect the trade union and its industry.

8. Trading Standards Officer

An Officer of Trading Standards is employed to ensure that the public isn’t cheated by the consumer world, and in charge of eradicating illegal trading practices, fake items, and more.

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Jon Gilbert is a partner at the Barnet-based legal firm MHHP Law. Graduating with an LLB (hons) in Law with French Law, Jon was admitted as a solicitor in 2008, and currently specialises in civil litigation and family law.

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