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Management is the most important piece in a well ran business. The way to success begins at the top and the person or persons in charge influence the entirety of the working staff.

Good management and poor management is the difference between having motivated, confident, and diligent workers versus lethargic, lazy, and bitter people dissatisfied.

As Glenn Llopis, of Forbes Magazine, put it, “They (managers) must instill a high-performance mindset while creating a culture whose foundation promotes teamwork and competitiveness for the betterment of a healthier whole”.

If you’re a self-motivated, confident person who feels you have the ability to effectively guide your employees toward productivity, then you should aspire your way to success for management.

You should do everything in your power to put yourself on the way to success, short of begging.

Be the person who’s willing to come in early and stay late. Be the person who manages without the role, helping and aiding the rest of the team with whatever you can. Lead from within to prove that you can lead from outside and above.

Once you’ve finally made the wheels spin properly in your favor and are given your role, the battle has only begun. Now every day, your actions have a major impact on the business. You need to be diligent, and a constant professional. You must lead by example rather than lead by explanation alone.

Gather yourself and get ready for your way to success, because the updated version of you, the manager version, only has one chance for a first impression with the staff.

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Welcome to the Updated You

Today, when you walk in the door, you’re a new person. You’re no longer the equal of your peers and relationships will always change in accordance with that. Some people will tend to dislike you now, whether you’ve done anything worth blame or are completely correct.

It’s not your job to be upset about this though, it’s your job to put your best foot forward and show people how things are going to be.

Your job as the manager is not to please every single employee in the company. Your job is to make the company run smoothly and profitably. It is to you, and the company’s benefit if the workforce is happy, however there will virtually never be a situation in which every single employee is happy.

That’s what turnover is for though. Your employee pool will constantly be changing, losing weak links, and gaining stronger cogs in the process if you’ve done your hiring correctly. Things will balance. All that you can do is be consistent, be fair, and lead by example.

When you walk in on the first day, don’t walk with an air about you. Do your best to seem humble, yet confident. It’s a fine line between Hubertus and confidence, but to succeed you will need to learn how to cross it. Say hello to everyone you see on the first day and ask how they’re doing.

This reminds them that you’re still the same person they’ve always liked in the past. Your humanity was not lost with your new title.

We all know that there are a few places in the workplace where rules tend to be bent. Before today, you would look the other way. Now you can’t. You’re in charge and you’re responsible for what happens beneath you, on your watch.

Putting a stop to such behaviors when you witness them is a fantastic opportunity to establish the new power-dynamics between you and your now subordinates on a personal conversational level, rather than sending out a memo or making an announcement.

Effective Management Skills & Techniques

The same skill sets and techniques which produce effective management tend to apply towards almost all industries. This is great because it allows a person to gain value from the experiences of another manager in a completely different field. 

This means that every person ever to hold a management position probably has learned a trick or two which could potentially help you in your position.

Create an employee incentive program. This doesn’t even need to be overt. However, it’s important to have an infrastructure in place to help guarantee that quality work is rewarded. Nobody should be aiming for just par.

According to an article by CNN Money, honesty is the most important skill set to have to be an effective manager. They are completely right on the topic.

A manager needs to convey to their subordinates a feeling of sincerity. They should believe whatever you tell them to be accurate. An untrusting workforce will almost never be a truly happy workforce and people can see through the average liar. Be honest. Be fair. Be respected.

Communication is an incredibly powerful and necessary tool in management. A manager with an ability to communicate effectively has the power to motivate on a level that the manager without such a skillset will never.

Lindsay Maynard, of Colorado Christian University, emphasizes that communication is a two-way street, meaning that effective communication is not only being able to explain your perspective and the company’s perspective, but rather, “listening to your team and working with them to produce results within their position.”

Humans have two ears and one mouth and yet seem to think talking is more important than listening and an effective manager has learned the opposite to be the case.

To lead effectively and reach your way to success, you’ll also need to really understand task management and proper delegation. You need to do an excellent job of assigning tasks that utilize the staff’s skillsets and time beneficially.

A worker stuck doing a task they are poor at because their management doesn’t listen is not someone whose providing their true value.

You Can Do This

Today you walk out into the room. You look at everyone else, smile, say hello, and begin your day. Today you do your job to the best of your abilities. You lead with honest communication and guide your company to the way to success. 


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