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There is a common conception that our Colleges and Universities prepare us well for the adult life. As suggested by the latest research studies, 77% of college graduates consider themselves to be prepared to find their first job just as the convocation is over. But what is hidden under those numbers? 

The truth is – you never know for sure until you try. And, in most cases, those tries go far from smooth. People tend to perceive job application as something almost automatic – you send resumes to a bunch of employers and recruiters, then you casually skim through a couple of interviews – and BOOM – you’re hired. 

Well, not quite. As stated by numerous HR experts, there is a huge problem with students properly identifying their own skillset that follows with an inability to present yourself from a professional standpoint. Graduates do think that the diploma gives them an advantage over other candidates.

As a result, they don’t care to include vitally important skills on their CV. Among them are critical thinking, the ability to work under tight deadlines, unlimited research capacities. Their resumes do not “sell”. 

If you are a graduate yourself, there is a lot to consider. Making first steps in adult/professional life is a tricky business, so knowing how to detach yourself from the crowd can get you a job of your dreams. Also, you should be prepared before sending your CV to the company: read more articles  & guides on finding a job

The brand new infographic from HandMadeWritings is a “how to” material for graduates that are seeking for their first employment. With statistical data from reliable sources, resume sections break-down, common mistakes and tips on how to prepare for your first interview – this is a road map for an aspiring job-seeker.

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Donna Moores is a professional recruiter and a writer who aims to help people find a job of their dream. She has spent more than 5 years to gain an outstanding HR experience within biggest industries and businesses. Follow her on Facebook and check out her Professional Blog.

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