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Getting a job is a nightmare, which is often faced by senior students in their final years. With an increased number of colleges and universities in the UK and worldwide the competition in the market is high due to literally millions of students being graduated each year. Students who wait for their graduation to be complete for searching for a job, fall behind the ‘survival for the fittest’ role.

If you are one of those news grads who is looking for a career development opportunity or currently in the middle of your college years tormented by thoughts regarding job availability, this handbook will definitely provide an end to those worries.

1. Academics

It is very essential for new grads to be competent enough with their coursework as the majority of interviews by recruiters focus on academic studies thus testing the in-depth and insightful knowledge of a student.

You do not require to be a wiz or master of your field. Neither do you require being academic excellence to be hired in reputed companies all you need is a basic knowledge of your subject?

Recruiters look for smart workers who can work hard and hence they do not require you to be a genius in your field. You need to be literate in various Computer software packages, possess the ability to critically think and make decisions based on the situation.

In a nutshell, just brush up your basic knowledge through a glance at the lessons you learned before attending any interviews, have a good night’s sleep, and go for it!

2. CV / Resume

You do not need to incorporate any ‘military-grade techniques’ for drafting your entire career into an A4 sheet page rather just focus on the skills that truly needs to be highlighted.

Avoid using flowery English as recruiters do not require William Shakespeare, rather highlight your key skills such as competency in the use of software, computer literacy, special subjects selected, etc.

Emphasize on the soft skills that you have developed over your career and use keywords such as ‘keen observer, a good listener, and a quick learner’. Add up your leadership qualities through enlisting career achievements such as leading a team during projects, being a part of a club, leading small camps, etc.

Do not highlight much on academics as the recruiters avoid geeks and nerds. The CV should focus on extra/co-curricular activities such as outdoor sports, elocution, gymnastics, and anything that throws light on your abilities and competencies outside the domain of academics.

Publications of articles, journals, internships attended and previous work experiences should be highlighted using a separate column enriches your CV. Finally, attending many lectures, seminars, and workshops or seeking professional CV writing services can prove beneficial.

3. Get Busy Applying

After you have prepared yourself for interviews and drafted your CV, the time comes when you should prepare yourself for the real deal. Start uploading your CV to online recruitment sites such as Monster, Indeed, Reed, Jobsite, and Jobs.ac.uk.

Start searching on Google typing ‘Fresher job recruitment for the post of…’ and check each search results thoroughly. The company often posts its recruitment details in theircareer opportunity section of their official website, which is exactly the target where you want to throw your dart.

Download applications on your Smartphone of the above-mentioned job portals and upload your CV in each account or upload it to your Dropbox linking it to each profile.

Go for the paid services that those job portals offer as such portals in the UK provide genuine jobs over preferred locations and positions.

Beware of fake companies and organizations that claim any kind of price for recruitment and try avoiding consultancy services making recruitment frauds.

Only prefer trusted job consultancy recruitment firm such as Amanda Smith Recruitment Ltd, HW IT Search & Selection Ltd, Get Recruited – the UK, etc. because they have a good record in placement in North West London (NHS), Vestrawealth, Argos, Cable & wireless, Close brothers, Colas, Hansteen, Thomas water, Veritas, etc.

4. Linkedin

The ultimate professional networking site for new grads that you need to signup is Linkedin, which provides you a platform for growing your network, highlight achievements, and seek for job opportunities.

Job alerts are notified via emails and default notification and the job can be easily searched with keywords and specific search filters making it easy for grads to search for their desired position. Lastly, you need to post your CV via emails or manual posts to the desired organization in the specific format provided in their advertisements in newspapers, articles, or newsletters.

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I am Emily, I work as an academic writing and student career consultant with Quality Dissertation Writing Services and have always been working towards the benefit of the society as a whole. I am a fan of career planning and I provide free career consultancy during the weekends.

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