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The fact you are reading this blog suggests that you have a desire to start a new career path.

Guess what? That’s fine.

We all evolve over the years, and there is nothing wrong with changing your aspirations. After all, the average person goes through up to seven adjustments throughout the course of their working life.

However, if you are serious about making the change, it’s imperative that you do it in the most effective manner. You’re already playing catch up on the people that started their career in your chosen field as soon as they left school.

The first thing to consider is whether it’s logistically viable. A happy and rewarding career is important, but it’s not the most crucial factor in modern life. We all have other commitments, and you need to assess whether you’re in a position to start afresh.

Let’s face it; starting at the bottom of a new ladder will require sacrifices. Moreover, in skilled roles, you will need to invest in your personal development.

Once again, it’s about doing what’s best for you. An accredited online MBA program, for example, allows you to learn accountancy without quitting your current job. This option may take a little longer, but the short and long-term benefits cannot be emphasized enough. This is especially true when you aren’t in a position to suddenly lose your income.

As you develop your skills, it’s important to realize that these new talents only provide a foundation. The working world is a fierce arena as you already know; education alone won’t land you that dream career. In truth, who you know is often just as important as what you know. Use your development time wisely by building contacts through networking sites and events. You’ll be in a far stronger position when it comes to applying for jobs.

In many situations, simply finding those vacancies is the hardest task of all. Finding industry-specific job boards is extremely beneficial. Aside from discovering those opportunities, a little research should open your eyes to pay structures. Again, other elements may dictate, but moving location could potentially increase your prospects. It’s worth considering those aspects at the very least.

As far as landing the job is concerned, you need to know how important first impressions are. This is particularly true if you’ve made a career change in later life, so you must invest your time in perfecting your CV and application forms. If you are looking to enter a creative field, be creative.

Most importantly, though, you must interview well. You’ve already shown that you have the skills and qualifications. But employers need to see that your face fits. If you can place emphasis on transferable skills gained from your previous experiences, make sure you do. However, this must be done tactfully as you don’t want to move away from the job you’re applying for.

If you’re serious about the change of career, then go for it. Above all else, though, you need to know that it’s right for you before starting that journey. If you can speak to someone in the industry first, even if it’s through LinkedIn, then you should. After all, you don’t want to wake up in 10 years’ time thinking “it’s happened again.”

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