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It’s nearly time to bring in the new year. With the coming of the new year brings the annual resolutions. Do you want to lose weight or become a better person? Maybe you want to focus on your career and leave an unsatisfying role.

Actually, do you have any idea about your dream role? Many people don’t actually know what their dream job or position is until they are actually in it and working in the role every day.

Maybe 2017 is the time you should try something different, you never know, by this time next year you may just be in your dream role and looking forward to an even happier 2018.

Considering and launching yourself into a different career role might be difficult, but there’s absolutely no time like the present. If you want to take the plunge, you need to do it and you might not even need or want to wait until the turn of the year.

What could you even do, though? It depends on your personality and skillsets.

If you’re a caring person, you might find that caring for those less fortunate than you might be a fulfilling role. Working in a school where the children have learning difficulties could give you a new lease on life.

You might even consider careers in aged care services and work with people who could certainly tell you a story or two about their own lives. Caring is a great way to be proud of the work you do (especially with so many ‘pointless’ jobs existing’) and meet loads of vibrant new personalities that will enrich each day for you!

If you’ve got the tools, you might want to consider working from home. A laptop and a creative mind could see you become a freelancer in the new year.

If you’re a wordsmith you might be a copywriter talking about the animals of Asia one day before giving people the word on anti-virus software the next.

If you’re good with a pencil, you could spend your days creating logos and branding for the next big start-up, earning money whilst sitting in front of your fireplace. If you don’t like your current boss, maybe it’s time to become your own?

Working is a way of life, so look to your passions. If you’re interested in sport, maybe you can consider coaching your favorite sport before getting involved in that as a career.

If you’re interested in authority and communities, maybe a job with the police or fire service might be the thing to add meaning to your life.

Careers might not be for life anymore and you might find yourself in many different roles before it’s time to retire and look back on your life. If a role isn’t satisfying, you need to look forward to new, and different opportunities that will give you a new lease on life.

Don’t lie to yourself and lead an unsatisfying life, fight for the opportunities and enjoyment that you deserve, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

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