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New York City is an exciting, bustling city full of opportunities. However, one thing is for sure: it’s not an easy city to get used to. The high-density population and fast pace make it a tough city to commute in.

In fact, commuting in New York City takes the largest amount of time than anywhere else in the United States – coming in at an average of 6 hours and 18 minutes every week.

However, finding the right place to live in the Big Apple can help relieve the stress of traversing such a lively city, and cut your commute time down. Not only that but if you live in a neighborhood that suits your needs and personality, you’re much more likely to grow to love New York City as much as those who were born and raised there.

Top 5 Neighborhoods for Wall Street Workers

Below, we’ve compiled the top 5 places to live in New York City if you work on Wall Street. These places make traveling to the Financial District much easier than other neighborhoods and also make for fantastic places to live. Each has its own enticing amenities. Take a look and see which fits you best.

1) Bedford-Stuyvesant (Brooklyn)

If you’re looking for unique, kodak-quality ambiance in your neighborhood, look no further than Bedford-Stuyvesant. History and classic brownstone designs make for a gorgeous, peaceful area to live. It has all the residential feel that the heart of the city doesn’t. For a relaxing place to clear your head after a long day on Wall Street, this is where you want to call “home”.

Commute Time 17 Minutes

2) Jersey City (New Jersey)

Sometimes, the best place to live in New York City isn’t in New York at all. It’s in Jersey. While New Jersey isn’t the most beloved place by those with their hearts and minds in New York City, it’s certainly worth considering.

Jersey City is currently booming. The city is expected to grow both in the residential sector and in the big-business sector by adding several new high rises to their skyline. Residents of Jersey City have also hopped aboard the city-improvement train, making it a fantastic place with plenty to do.

There is no shortage of great restaurants, entertainment, markets, and shows. It’s no wonder many Manhattanites are turning their attention to Jersey. Plus, what can beat that beautiful view of the Manhattan cityscape? Plus, living outside of Manhattan can save you a pretty penny.

Commute Time 12 Minutes

3) Long Island City (Queens)

Looking for the best food New York City has to offer? Long Island City is full of a variety of critically-acclaimed restaurants. Plus, being home to a lot of artists has made this a flourishing hub for local art and culture. It’s a convenient trip to the most important places in New York City but is far enough away to offer some quiet and stunning views of Manhattan.

Commute Time  24 Minutes

4) East Village (Manhattan)

East Village is one of Manhattan’s artsy neighborhoods. There’s no shortage of bohemian, artisanal flair here. With a trendy coffee shop on almost every corner, you’re never going to feel out of the cultural loop here. It’s right in the middle of things, making sure your time off work never has to be boring.

Rent isn’t too bad here, averaging at $2,800 for a one-bedroom apartment. However, recent trends have shown the average cost of living in the East Village is on the rise. So you might want to get in quick if the East Village seems to be for you.

Commute Time 24 Minutes

5) St. George (Staten Island)

Last but not least, St. George is a hidden gem of the New York boroughs. For families, St. George is a perfect place. This little neighborhood is quiet, suburban, and one of the safer places in the area. It’s also one of the cheapest, too, due to the lack of enticing amenities St. George has to offer. However, if the lack of hustle and bustle is what you’re after, St. George is ideal for you. Plus, the Staten Island Ferry to get to Manhattan is completely free.

Commute Time 25 Minutes

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