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All over the world, the hospitality industry is flourishing — and that’s great news for those of you who already have a foot in the door.

Demand for your skilled services is high across the board and that growth is expected to continue for years to come. It means now could be the perfect time to start capitalizing on your experience.

But high demand for good hospitality staff also means your existing employer will be more than keen to hang onto you, perhaps by offering you a role with more responsibility and better pay — and maybe even a spot at the management table. 

Some hospitality workers see this exciting and booming industry as their ticket to the top, and why not? Many famous names in hospitality climbed to their lofty heights from the very bottom of the ladder.

Unfortunately, too many people wanting to move up in hospitality think their hard work and good performance will speak for itself — so they just sit back and wait. But that rarely works in any industry, and especially one as quick-moving as hospitality.

Proactivity, initiative and going the extra mile are what pays off.

Here are our tips to get ahead in this lively industry:

1. Stay Motivated

It sounds obvious, but to stand out, you have to stand out. Every single day, you need to dress your best, turn up early enough and leave late enough to always give a great day’s work, and never be shy to demonstrate your abilities. 

Got a chance to speak up at a team meeting? Do it. Heard about an opportunity to take on an extra task or responsibility? Snap it up. A common challenge of hospitality staffing is keeping employees motivated, so the best place to start is by motivating yourself.

2. Soak up the Hours

Perhaps the best way to demonstrate that you’re cut out for more responsibility in hospitality is to show that you just love to burn hours at work. Better positions in hospitality mean long days, so if you’re regularly turning down over time, that’s not a great look.

Remember, Confucius said that if you choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life.

3. Love People

Never forget, at its core the world of hospitality is about looking after people. That means thriving in this industry is about more than cooking up a meal or clearing a table, but being a true ‘people person’.

 Firstly, you need to be someone who likes delivering what people need, but you’ll also need to be good at gaining the respect of your peers so that you can effectively manage and motivate them. That means communicating, collaborating, and listening, but also being able to take a stand and back your decisions.

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4. Demonstrate Leadership

Even if you’re not yet a leader, that doesn’t stop you from demonstrating the requisite skills that those in higher positions need to have. 

Someone good at your current job will follow orders to the tee, but someone looking to get ahead will use their spare time to innovate and impress — like a bartender presenting a proposed new cocktail recipe to their boss, or a proposed solution to a workplace problem.

5. Get Organised

Hospitality managers, supervisors, and top brass all have something in common: excellent organization and time-management. 

They keep a diary, a detailed calendar, and they make meticulous to-do lists so that their work is done thoroughly, productively, and nothing is missed. Nothing is stopping you from turning up your attention to detail right now.

6. Be Flexible

If hospitality is your passion, then being open-minded and upwardly mobile will mean infinitely more possibilities open up around you. Applying for jobs that will mean you need to up sticks and get out of your comfort zone is perhaps the best demonstration of all that you are truly devoted to what you do. 

And telling your boss that you’re open to new tasks and opportunities to improve yourself means you’ll be at the top of the list when a vacancy arises.

7. Talk to the Boss

People who get ahead in the hospitality world don’t see their boss as the bad guy — they see them as a true mentor. It’s an example of someone who did exactly what you want to do, so not fostering a great relationship with those in positions higher than you is a true missed opportunity.

8. Take Care of Yourself

While books should never be judged by their covers, it’s also true that books with bad covers are often not taken off the shelf! What that means is that when someone in charge of hospitality staffing doesn’t know you well, you want that personal image to promote you in the best possible way.

 It goes beyond dress sense and demonstrating that you’re also fit, healthy, always on time, and with meticulously presented documents and social media accounts.

9. Better Yourself

Leaping at opportunities to accumulate new skills, experience and knowledge is also a great way to demonstrate that you’re ready for greater responsibility. But it’s not just about your image — signing up to learn whenever the opportunity arises will simply make you as well equipped as possible for when you do make it.

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10. Stay Cool

Just like the naughty kid gets the attention at school, it’s the outbursts and bad moments that will be remembered when you’re at work. 

Hospitality, in particular, is a world with a fast pace and immensely high pressure, so things will go wrong — and demonstrating that you’re cool under fire shows that you have the stuff to overcome stress and get it done when the going gets tough.

11. Start Improving Now

Hospitality is an exciting and fast-moving industry with a rich history, a focus on making people happy, and a strong future to look forward to. It’s chock full of opportunities for those who want a thriving and fulfilling career doing something you love, so give yourself the very best chance at the job of your dreams by getting started today.

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