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When you work within a company, teamwork is usually the main factor that contributes to getting work done. And with a team that is lacking energy and motivation, you are not going to get much done.

There are many mistakes we all make without realising that can have a knock on effect. And produce a team that does not give their best.

It is easy to fall into the trap of becoming demotivated. However, if you follow these simple steps you will be well on your way to having a happy team who are eager to work hard. And this will reflect on your business and managerial attributes.

1. Set Goals and Achieve Them

When working within your business it is more motivating going forward than it is going backwards which we all know. But how do we make that happen?

Setting realistic goals and achieving them are what link us to success and lead us to a destination we desire.

Outline your objectives first and from here you can create your plan of action. Whether that is daily or weekly goals, the stepping up in the progress ladder will help you to build that motivation and keep your business going.

2. Have Fun and Empower Your Team

Recognizing your employee’s contributions is vital in the workplace, you should consider introducing a new system that drives a rewards scheme that benefits your employees.

Every business needs a strategic reward system in place that addresses a number of areas: compensation, recognition, benefits and appreciation. This sounds as though they are something you couldn’t forget however many businesses are missing these important elements.

If you set tasks for your staff to follow you will start to notice the determination in the office and the difference to your company will be clearly noticeable.

You should reward your staff for their dedication to the company and the results they produce. Not the amount of time they stay behind in work to complete tasks.

3. Communication Is Key

As a business owner or an employer, you should have a welcoming attitude towards your staff that invites them to discuss any issues that they feel are having an impact on the business.

Effective Communication

Also, discussing key information with your employees makes them feel involved and lets them know that they make a difference being there.

Following on from this, employees should also feel welcome to discuss any personal issues with a manager/team leader should they feel it is affecting their ability to work.

4. Improve Organisational Skills

Do you see a pattern in your workplace, where a select few of your employees are flying through tasks and completing them in an ideal time frame?

Do you also see the opposite where staff are not meeting company standards, if you are then you need to work on your productivity and organisational skills immediately to create an organised workplace where the business can run smoothly for everyone?

5. Protect Your Staff

More and more businesses are turning a blind eye towards Health & Safety. They think it has to be complicated but it doesn’t. It is neither costly nor time-consuming. Tt is actually very beneficial to companies as it provides staff with a sense of security.

It is the law to have Health and Safety training and the approach you take towards it should be suitable for your business taking into consideration the size of your business and what needs you have.

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