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What’s going to get the job isn’t just the soft skills and hard talents you’ve developed over the years. It’s also the approach that you take to your prospective employers. It’s about standing out and hitting all the right notes they want to hear. It’s how you find them and what you have to offer when you do.

These are the actions that will help you make a more impressive mark than your competition. These will make you not just another application, but a talent worth hiring – the most impressive candidate.

1. Get Your Foot in the Door

There’s one action that will immediately make you a lot more likely to get a job than most job seekers. That’s the act of approaching those who aren’t even hiring.

Most jobs these days aren’t publicly advertised in print or on the internet. So you need to reach to make an opportunity for yourself. Network, build good word of mouth for yourself, and stay on good terms with any references you may need to use. Use them as support for your direct approach.

That approach doesn’t just mean you’re not fighting a slew of other candidates. It also shows that you’re not just looking for a job. It shows you want to work for them, which is what employers want to hear.

2. Get the Right Help

If you have real skills and you want to build on them, you should be focused on a career, not just a job. This means using resources that can help you find the positions specific to the career you’re looking to build.

Having the right choice of help is even better. For example, one of the top 10 executive recruiter agencies is going to have a lot more clout and links to businesses. Good recruits also have access to a lot of those jobs that aren’t being publicly advertised.

3. Have a More Impressive Resume

As we have said, the skills and experience that you put down on your resume matter. But you shouldn’t just be thinking about winning them over with content. You should be thinking about catching their eye and wowing them from the get-go.

Don’t just stick to word documents, but use online tools that create professional-looking resumes. You might even want to create your own website. It shows dedication, commercial sense, and a real sense of professionalism.

4. Use the Right Language

You can even cut a much more impressive figure simply by reframing the conversation. When you’re talking to potential employers, think about how you describe your past work. The language itself matters.

People don’t want to hear catch-all terms like ‘thinking outside the box’ and ‘dynamic’. They want to hear action verbs. They want real examples. They want to hear what you have achieved, how you have improved, and what problems you have resolved.

Don’t give them words that only show hypotheticals. Sell yourself on your achievements. It will give you real ammunition against your competitors.

Be proactive in how you look for a job. Use the services that have the prestige you want. Present yourself in exactly the way employers want you to. That’s how you make yourself the most impressive candidate.


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