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Hello and welcome to the November 2015 Edition of Monthly Roundups.

In this roundup, we will cover the most popular articles on the topic of Salary Negotiation.

The articles in this roundup post have been selected based on the views & social shares that have been generated for November.

16 Things You Should Never Say in a Salary Negotiation

Jacquelyn Smith always puts together interesting lists that pertain to your career & work. In this list, she compiles a list of words or phrases you should avoid during Salary negotiations. It helps to be confident but not aggressive in a salary negotiation situation.

How a 2-Minute Salary Negotiation Can Impact You for Years

Let’s face it – Salary Negotiation is stressful for most people (including the person on the other end). However, this is something we all have to eventually overcome before we secure the job. Jim Hopkinson breaks down the steps, the attitudes, mindset you need before completing a successful negotiation. Negotiations only last for a few minutes but that decision has a significant impact on your career satisfaction and productivity.

5 Salary Negotiation Tips for First Time Job Seekers

If you are a first-time job-seeker – make sure you are thoroughly prepared before you head into a Negotiation situation. Brian Rudolph talks about the importance of clarity, preparation, and research – and how these will help you with choosing the right salary package for your first job.

Never Say These in a Salary Negotiation

Adrian Tan explains some of the mistakes candidates make in the final stage of the hiring process. He also provides us insights on why some of the words or phrases should be avoided during the process.

10 Salary Negotiation Tips to Use on the Way In

One of the best pay bumps you can receive is during your initial negotiation process. Most roles have a pay range that the company is willing to provide. This particular article talks about some tips for your next negotiation. Also, it provides a case study of an actual negotiation and how the candidate was able to get a 10% increase in the offer.

Salary negotiations are stressful. Too often, candidates spend most of their time in resume preparation, interview preparation, and delivery process. However, this stage is ignored by most candidates. With the proper mindset and preparation, you can obtain the salary package that you are truly worth.

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