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Hello and welcome to the November 2015 Edition of Monthly Roundups.

In this roundup, we will cover the most popular articles on the topic of Networking.

The articles in this roundup post have been selected based on the views & social shares that have been generated for November.

How to Make People Like You in 4 Seconds or Less

You have probably heard about the saying “You never get a chance to make a second impression”. First impressions matter; and people make judgments on your personality in a matter of seconds. Shana Lebowitz gives you the 5 step process that will help you instantly connect with anyone at your next networking event.

What to Do With All the Business Cards From Your Last Conference

Business cards are synonymous with networking. However, it can become cumbersome to organize let alone connect with people you have met at events. Alexandra Samuel talks about leveraging technology in organizing & connecting with people after events. By leveraging tools such as Evernote, LinkedIn, etc, you can maximize your opportunities.

To Skyrocket Your Success Stop Networking and Start Making Friends

Daniel Dipiazza changes your paradigm about networking. Traditional networking is all about information exchange, business card exchange – and very soon you become forgetful (or annoying). Daniel urges you to change your perception of building relationships/friendships rather than meaningless networking. He also provides a step-by-step analysis of how he applied the concepts to his business.

The Surprising Thing That Holds Young Women Back in Their Careers

Even though this article is catered towards women – I believe the advice applies to most career professionals (men & women). Betty Liu writes about the importance of networking, and building connections to progress your career. In the event you are faced with unfortunate circumstances (downsizing or job loss) you will be glad that you have a network to lean on.

4 Millennials Share How to Connect With Anyone

Very often you hear the same cliches about networking, and how to properly network. Leonard Kim takes a different approach in this article. He interviews a few successful networkers to share their ideas & stories. The article is thought-provoking and will change the way you look at every interaction moving forward.

If you are like most people – you will find Networking dreadful. It is nerve-wracking to go to a room full of strangers and then expect to build meaningful connections. In this roundup, I have tried to cover a breadth of ideas from traditional (face-to-face) networking to virtual networking.

I hope you find the information valuable.

What specific tip will you be implementing at the next event that you are attending?

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