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Here are the Top 3 of the most liked, shared, and commented posts on Productivity, for the month of May 2016.

1. Your Brain Has a Delete Button — Here’s How to Use It

You probably have learned about neural connections that become stronger as one practice or repeats a skill over and over again. In this post, however, the authors introduce us to the concept of “synaptic pruning” bt which our brains can break down the old ones as well. The article digs into recent research about the topic; and also talks about the importance of a good night’s sleep.

2. The Six-Hour Workday Works in Europe – How about America?

In previous monthly round-ups, I have written about how European countries such as Sweden are adopting the 6-hour workdays, and how they have noticed productivity has soared, as well as employee well-being. North America, however, is on the other end of the spectrum. However, some experts are predicting that by 2030 – the 15-hour workweek could become a reality. Isn’t that interesting?

3. Science Says You Shouldn’t Work More Than This Number of Hours a Week

You work 40 hours a week, and you think you are not getting enough done? Trust me – most of us feel like that. That is why perhaps we spend most of our waking lives at work. However, a series of research is showing us that working more than 50 hours a week can hurt our productivity. In some cases, working more than 60 hours can be detrimental to productivity.



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