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Here are the Top 3 of the most liked, shared, and commented posts on Productivity, for the month of March 2016.

1. Why Six Hours of Sleep is as Bad as None at All

Over the last few months, we have read many posts on Productivity, that talks about the importance of adequate sleep. Numerous studies have shown that lack of adequate sleep can cause productivity & health issues. Jill E Duffy in her post, shares some insights from the studies done about the correlation between sleep and cognitive performance. The bottom line, get more sleep to be more productive!!

2. 12 Habits of the Most Productive People

All successful people have the same amount of time (24 hours) as everyone else. However, what they do with the allotted time is what sets them apart. Gwen Moran has compiled a list of 12 specific things that highly productive people specifically do, that sets them apart from everyone else.

3. These are the Long-Term Effects of Multitasking

We now know from personal experience that multitasking is detrimental to get things done. And technology makes things worse, as we are bombarded with constant interruptions. Vivian Giang has compiled insights from various scientific studies. The gist of the article is that multi-tasking is extremely harmful – it potentially lowers cognitive performance, lowers IQ, and worst of all it is addictive.


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