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Hello and welcome to the December 2015 Edition of Monthly Roundup on the topic of Resume tips.

The articles in this roundup post have been selected based on the views & social shares that have been generated on the topic of Resume tips.

Top 11 Resume Tips From 2015

Sharon Florentine has done a great job curating some of the best resume tips catering to IT Professionals. Though the ideas and tips cater to one industry segment, the message should resonate with any industry. One key takeaway for me was that no matter how much of a strong background & experience one possesses, crafting a good resume goes a long way in getting a foot in the door. Resumes are still relevant in 2016.

2016 Resume Strategies

Jessica Holbrook Hernandez shares her top tips on crafting resumes for 2016. One key takeaway for me was the increase in candidates using infographics & more visuals in their resumes; and how they are effective in helping them stand out.

5 Tips to Make Your Resume Recruiters Favorite

HeadHonchos share their perspective of resume-crafting from the recruiter’s point of view. They share some simple yet effective tips that candidates can start using to stand out.

Video Resume Hacks

With the advent of technology, more and more organizations are using video resumes to screen candidates. If you are new to the concept, then this post is for you – Allison Doyle shares where and why employers user video resumes as part of the hiring process; and what candidates can do to craft a strong video resume.

I hope you found this month’s roundup resourceful.

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Nissar Ahamed is the Founder & CEO of CareerMetis.com. He is also the host of The Career Insider Podcast and the co-host of The C.A.R.E. Podcast

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