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Hello and welcome to the December 2015 Edition of Monthly Roundup on the topic of LinkedIn.

The articles in this roundup post have been selected based on the views & social shares that have been generated on this topic.

Traditionally, I would just pick articles about LinkedIn that strictly pertain to job hunting, however this time I am taking a holistic approach. Some of the posts here talk about using LinkedIn for Marketing and Business purposes. I thought including these posts will provide the readers with a more well-rounded insight about LinkedIn, rather than just using it for connecting with recruiters.

3 Reasons Why Optimized LinkedIn Profile is Critical for Entrepreneurs

Too often LinkedIn is viewed as a job board or recruiting platform. However, with its growing popularity as a Professional Networking Platform- it is hard to ignore its importance for an Entrepreneur. The author talks about why it is crucial to optimize your profile. With 1000s of potential customers on this platform, you can’t afford to not optimize it.

19 Terrible LinkedIn Mistakes You’re Making

Jillian D’Onfro and Alyson Shontell have done an excellent job in compiling the top mistakes people make are setting up or using this platform. I would recommend that you bookmark this page, especially if you are active on LinkedIn. I learned a lot. As a heavy user of LinkedIn, I did not know that I could be sent up to 15 messages a month to other members who belong to the LinkedIn groups I am part of. Plus there are other tips on how you can maximize your connections on this platform.

10 Ways to Use the New LinkedIn Mobile App

The platform recently released its updated mobile app, it’s a first major release in years. This post by Viveka Von Rosen is timely, as more users like me are wondering how to use the new app effectively. She shares the top things to look out for in the new app. After reading this article, I am more excited to use the new app – you can do almost everything you can do on a web browser.

Why LinkedIn Must Be a Huge Part of Your Marketing Strategy

I couldn’t agree more with Janine Popick. Most of us use LinkedIn for networking, job search, and personal branding. But how about business? Most of us think of LinkedIn ads when it comes to business. However, with 400 million users and growing, It is a great platform to promote your business. Janine shares her ideas on how to leverage LinkedIn for marketing and outreach (without spending a dime).

LinkedIn Needs to Get You Excited Again. Here’s How It’ll Do It.

December has been an important month for LinkedIn. They just released their most important mobile app (an updated version of the original LinkedIn app). Terry Collins interviews key players behind the launch of the new app (codenamed voyager). It took 4 months to complete and launch- the new app is more simple, responsive and allows you to do more on your phone. It also uses less data, which is sweet if you are a heavy user of this platform.

I hope you found this month’s roundup resourceful.

I learned a lot about the new mobile app, and how I can use it to better leverage the power of this platform.

What is your favorite feature of the new LinkedIn app? Why?

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