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Hello and welcome to the December 2015 Edition of Monthly Roundup on the topic of Freelancing.

The articles in this roundup post have been selected based on the views & social shares that have been generated on the topic of Freelancing.

The Freelancer Generation: Why Startups and Enterprises Need to Pay Attention

This post talks about the continuing growth in the Freelance market. By 2020, about 50% of the workforce is expected to be freelancers. The article by John Rampton provides an unbiased opinion about freelancers and its importance to the economy. He outlines the benefits for both the prospective employer and also the freelancers. John also shares his personal experience dealing with freelancers in building his business.

Why I Stopped Calling Myself a Freelancer

If you are currently a freelancer, then you have to read this article. Suzan Bond discusses the challenges that freelancers might potentially face when branding themselves as one. She talks about the self-perception that freelancers face that will hamper their careers. She also discusses the way potential clients might perceive you.

Three Elements to Go Beyond Hourly Freelancing

Seth Godin discusses a few questions we can ask ourselves before we move ahead with a potential freelance career. The article is all about differentiation. How do you differentiate yourself from everyone else doing the same job?

The Big Factors That Attract the Best Freelancers

This article talks about the unprecedented growth of the contingent workforce (freelancers) globally. Data suggests that about 50% of global corporations plan to use freelancers in the near future. The post is targeted towards companies targeting freelancers, but you will learn lots of insights into what other freelancers are looking for.

What Does the Freelance Economy Mean for Engineers?

Howdy Pierce shares his insight into the Freelance Economy. And how both small and large companies can benefit from bringing in freelance workers. He also briefly touches on the advantages freelancers face as opposed to working a full-time gig.

35 Tools and Resources to Absolutely Hack Your Success

Roxana Nasoi has done an excellent job compiling apps, software, and resources that a freelancer would require. I have bookmarked this page, and so should you. All the tools and resources you would ever need when it comes to building a startup or your freelance career is right here in this post.

I hope you found this month’s roundup resourceful.

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