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Whether you are going to a face-to-face interview with an employer or via Skype, both are still going to be nerve-wracking, especially if it’s your first time to be interviewed.

Whether it’s an interview for your first job or another job to earn extra money, being nervous is a natural reaction but there are many ways to look more confident. We’ll share with you how in this post.

These days, more and more recruiters and employers prefer conducting interviews with job candidates through Skype. It is more efficient and it saves both time and money, both parties would agree.

If you are the candidate, you don’t have to go to the employer’s office or get into much trouble as you find your way about when you’re looking for the right building or office.

But how will you, as the job candidate, effectively pitch your credentials over a video interview?

So many mistakes have been made ever since employers and recruiters began to use Skype as a tool for interviews.

In this post, we’ll share with you some of the mistakes in a Skype interview that you can avoid so that you can put your best foot forward and hopefully land the job.

1. Not Preparing the Background

When you take the Skype call, most likely, you will be at home, your bedroom, or your home office. Apart from dressing the part just like what you would do in a face-to-face interview, you have to be able to prepare the background as that’s what the interviewer is going to see.

Secretly, you may be a slob. That’s something that can be fixed, don’t worry. But you don’t need the interviewer to know that though. Try your best to clean up and organize your things so that you will have a good background. Make it look as professional as you can.

If the employer sees a cluttered space, they are going to have a bad first impression of you even before you tell them about your outstanding credentials.

2. Not Asking If the Connection Is Clear

As soon as you begin with the video interview, ask if the connection is clear and if the interviewer can see and hear you clearly. This way, you can avoid any technical difficulties.

If you are having some Internet connection problems, it will be better if you don’t proceed with the interview. Apologize, explain the reason, and ask if you can be rescheduled for another interview so that you can secure a proper connection.

A poor Internet connection has the potential to contribute to how the interviewer perceives you. Other than that, the interviewer will have a hard time focusing on you and what you are saying if the line is choppy. It may not be your fault but it is still a factor that can affect the overall results of your interview.

3. Not Focusing on the Interviewer

You may have noticed that whenever you do a video call, you are shown in the bigger screen where the video of the person you are speaking to is displayed and then there’s a smaller video screen where you can see yourself.

The trick in doing an effective video interview is to not get distracted with these video screens. When you talk, look into the camera of your computer directly, that way, you can create a strong eye contact even if it’s just a Skype call.

If you can’t resist watching yourself talk, you can easily turn off the video screen and focus on maintaining eye contact, even if it’s with the camera.

4. Not Maintaining a Good Posture

Whenever you are in a Skype interview, be as presentable and as attentive as you would if you were in the office of the interviewer. Having a good posture is one that you should watch out for.

Your EQ

Businesswoman and Businessman in Meeting

For your video interview, your posture shouldn’t be so stiff yet it shouldn’t be too relaxed either. Strike the balance between these two. Sit a good distance from the camera, not too close so as not to crowd it.

Lastly, remember to sit up straight. It will make you look more confident.

5. You Don’t Wait for the Interviewer to Finish

Sometimes you may experience some connection delays and you mistakenly talk even before the interviewer is finished talking. Avoid this uncomfortable conversation by waiting for him or her to finish speaking before you give your answer.

That way, you are sure that you are not talking over him or her. Also, it will give you a moment to think about how you would answer the question presented to you.

6. You Don’t Smile

Speaking to a video of a person on your computer monitor can feel so distant and artificial. It may seem silly to smile but know that there’s another real person at the end of the line who is watching how you conduct yourself during the interview.

Take the opportunity to show a bit of your personality by smiling. Your face is also a factor when it comes to landing the job. They wouldn’t want a grumpy employee.

The trick that you can do here is that before the interview put a sticky note on top of your computer monitor that says “SMILE” so you don’t forget to do so.

7. Touching Your Face too Much

Especially when nervous, we touch our face too much. Sometimes, we scratch our nose or touch our hair. The fact that you are in an interview is unsettling enough. But you have to be careful not to show that you are nervous. That won’t land you the job.

Confidence would. Keep your hands on your lap and resist any temptation to touch your face. You may be conscious of how you appear on the interviewer’s monitor but don’t worry about that. Just look straight into the camera and smile.

8. You Don’t Check the Lighting

It’s challenging enough to converse with a person over a video call. You don’t want to add more difficulty into it by sitting in a dark room. Make sure that the room you will be in is well-lit and that the interviewer can see you well. 

Before the interview, ask a friend to help you practice in a mock interview. That way, you can check everything: the connection, the lighting, the background, your posture, and how you conduct yourself.


Now that you know the mistakes that you can avoid during a Skype interview, you are only a few steps away from landing that job. What you should remember is that above all these things; you should be comfortable and just be yourself.

The interviewer would want to get to know you so show some personality. You will be sure to nail that interview!

Do you know other tips that can help others with their Skype interview? Share them with us by posting a comment below!

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