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A job interview is usually an opportunity given to shortlisted candidates for a certain post to prove to the recruiter that they are the best for the position. However, one can make these 5 mistakes that can turn the chance into a nightmare.

1. Inadequate Preparation

The best way to be sure of sailing through an interview, whether a difficult or a simple

One is through proper preparation.

Interview preparation is done prior to the interview and ensures that the candidate has everything that is required for the day. It is also done to avoid last-minute rush which can make one panic and potentially lose the opportunity.

A Set of Ties

Interview preparation includes doing the following things;

  • Researching – This equips one with information and makes them be different from unprepared candidates. This involves having a look at the website of the organization to know in-depth what they do, the products they sell, their key target clientele, and the services they provide. One can also read their publications to understand their stability and growth. From this, one can draft some questions concerning the organization.
  • Knowing the job description of the position. Study what the position requires, its roles, and the deliverables.
  • Plan on what to wear according to the nature of the organization. One should put on neat clothes which are well ironed. The aim is to be impressive.
  • In case of any additional material that could be required during your job interview, it’s important to have them ready. These include original certificates and document copies, portfolio and work samples or references. For interviews that involve writing essays, one can prepare by being coached by an essay help writer.

2. Arriving Late

Rushing to Get to Work

Interviews are business meetings and therefore there is no room for time wastage from either party. One of the issues on which interviewees are tested is the ability to keep time. The inability to keep time for the interview can be taken as an indication that they will not keep time even when offered the job.

Worst of all, it shows the recruiter that one is unreliable. Arriving early for an interview helps one to:

  • Have some rest and collect themselves in case they are tired.
  • Run a check on their presentation if any.
  • Have a review of the expected interview questions and their answers. 
  • Freshen up and relieve themselves and go into the interview when they are comfortable and relaxed.

3. Offensive Body Language

Recruiters play close attention to the details of the candidate’s nonverbal communication since it’s an easy way of assessing their personality, discipline, and the level of professionalism of candidates.

It is important for one to be confident and use body language to boost their chances of getting the job. The most common mistakes that people do in relation to body language use include:

  • Giving very firm handshakes or shaking hands with sweaty palms. This shows that one is nervous or too aggressive, it’s good to shake people’s hands with relaxed hands which portrays confidence.
  • This shows that one is tired or has low energy which could send signals of not being interested in the position. It is advisable for one to always sit upright with arms on the table and feet firmly positioned on the floor.
  • Poor eye contact. This shows that one is not keenly following the proceedings of the interview.

4. Inappropriately Handling the Telephone Call

Telephone Call

Where it’s not possible to convene a meeting, phone interviews come in handy. Here, all interview questions and answers are done over the phone. It is good to know that phone interviews are as important as the face-to-face ones, and preparing for the same is vital.

However, some interviewees go wrong on in some of these areas:

  • Being inaudible. This can severely cause a breakdown in the communication process. Voice projection should be well done so that the interviewer gets all the answers.
  • Poor listening skills. For the phone interview to be successful, it is good to listen so as to provide the right answers and to avoid asking the recruiter to repeat all the time.
  • Failing to ask what will happen after the interview. This gives the candidate a view of the recruiter’s stand.

5. Speaking Ill of the Previous Employer

Recruiters often ask candidates to describe previous employers in order to know what kind of employee a candidate is. Speaking negatively of employers shows that one is not respectful and that they lack gratitude for their previous opportunities.

It is always good to quote the zeal for growth as the reason for leaving the previous organizations, not bad employers.


Interviews are usually uncomfortable but one can try as much as possible to avoid the above mistakes in your job interview. Adequate Preparation and a Positive Attitude goes a long way to impress recruiters. It is always a training ground for fresh job seekers which gives them a real picture of how serious the job market is. It is always important to brace up for the opportunity and confidently go for it.


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