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Work culture has changed substantially in the last few decades, and workers are starting to feel disillusioned with their 9-5 jobs.

Today’s millennials simply aren’t satisfied with their work and are feeling more disengaged than ever. Not only are their wages giving them less financial stability than their parents and grandparents, but they’re also feeling stuck and burned out in their careers while navigating uncertain times.

A Deloitte study reveals that 43% of Millennials planning to leave their jobs are dissatisfied with their pay and financial incentives, while 35% don’t see opportunities for advancement and 28% don’t feel that they have the opportunity to learn and develop in their current position.

Fortunately, working Millennials have options. By “upskilling” and focusing on learning today’s most in-demand skills,

Millennials can develop a satisfying career, working at organizations they can feel good about. So what should you learn if you want to pivot in your career and look forward to work? Here are the 8 skills to consider.


While STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) might be the rallying cry of the education system and the tech industry, the truth is that it’s just as bad to ignore the arts and humanities as it is to neglect science and technology.

By learning how to fully embrace STEAM, the merging of humanities and STEM subjects, you can gain all the skills you need to work in nearly any industry.

Some schools are beginning to recognize the importance of cultivating a diverse range of skills in today’s workforce and are starting to offer “Da Vinci degrees” to help members of the workforce become more successful.

2. Web Development

These days, learning to code is up there with reading, writing, and arithmetic as a basic skill. While lots of schools today are teaching computer science skills to young children, many Millennials didn’t get the chance to practice these skills in schools.

Fortunately, there are lots of online learning options that young professionals can use to learn skills in programming and web development. Web development continues to be massively in demand, and it’s a skill that is useful in almost any organization.

3. Marketing

One of the most creative and important skills in today’s world, marketing shifts from year to year and from decade to decade. Many of today’s marketing professionals have been in the business for years, but don’t let that discourage you.

A large number of them have trouble marketing to up-and-coming generations and haven’t updated their skills in a while. By learning how to market to today’s consumers and being prepared to stay up to date with marketing trends, you can gain a competitive edge.

4. Mobile Development

As every Millennial know, mobile devices are the future of tech. Today, it makes sense to focus on mobile development as desktops fall out of favor and more young people worldwide use their phones and tablets for most functions.

If you want to gain in-demand skills, few are better than learning how to create apps and develop for mobile devices from tablets to smartwatches.

5. Machine Learning

Tech is moving quickly and harnessing the power of AI and machine learning is quickly becoming the focus of many large companies. Starting to gain machine learning skills now can help you future-proof your career and give you a competitive edge.

For example, Udemy’s Machine Learning courses would be great for individuals that may soon be working with AI Assistants.

6. Networking

Although every organization uses networks, it can be challenging for employers to find people who understand them and can work with them effectively. It’s a rare and valuable skill in our interconnected world to manage large networks, and Millennials can gain an edge by learning to harness these complex and essential systems.

Networks are crucial to the day-to-day operations of an organization. If you want to set yourself up for a career that will only become more important as time goes on, learning about networking is a great choice.

7. Social Media

Whether you love it or you hate it, social media plays a big role in today’s business world.

As a Millennial, you have the advantage of being exposed to these platforms from a fairly young age. Leverage that knowledge and upskill by learning the ins and outs of social media for business. While it’s quite a bit different from managing personal accounts, many Millennials pick up this skill quickly and manage to generate some good results for their organizations.

If you can help a company master their social media presence, those skills could present new opportunities or even launch a whole new career for you. Many social media managers work on a freelance basis, owning their businesses, and working with several clients at a time.

8. UX Design

UX (User Experience) designers build a top-level, user-centered view of the experience of obtaining and using a product. By learning to think critically about why, how, and what a product is used for, Millennials can help an organization ensure their customer satisfaction.

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, companies can’t afford to disappoint their customers.

Learning to design for human users is key, even as more of our systems cater to tech solutions. Creativity is still a uniquely human skill and Millennials can help future-proof their careers by learning creative skills that can’t be automated.

Which Skills to Choose? Take a Step Back

Now that you know what the most in-demand skills are for Millennials trying to get ahead, which should you work on first? A lot of it depends on what you want to accomplish in your career. But if the answer isn’t clear, don’t panic—it’s perfectly normal.

If all the options available for upskilling seem overwhelming, then you might want to consider taking a step back before you jump right in. Burnout is real, especially among the Millennial generation, and it’s important to realize that you don’t have to decide which direction you want to take right away. Sometimes, a little distance can be helpful.

For some Millennials, it can be very hard to take a break and focus on self-care and reflection. Work addiction is a real problem in American culture, and many Millennials feel obligated to focus all their time and energy on their careers. In fact, according to a 60 Minutes interview, 70% of workers in the younger generations check their work email outside of work hours. This blurring between our personal and professional lives is taking its toll, leading to stress and burnout.

Many Millennials are still early in their careers, and they have some time to step back and evaluate. If you’re feeling stuck in your career, then you don’t want to wait too long to make a change but you also don’t have to start this very minute. Take a walk, meditate, take some time to think about your long-term career goals. Then decide which skills to focus on.

Launch a Successful Future

If you’re dissatisfied with your career, then it’s time to take the first step toward a job you love. Remember that progress will take some time and determination. You can’t expect to become an expert in machine learning tomorrow, after all. But if you take small steps toward your goal of a better career, you’ll be able to make big changes over time.

Don’t settle for a boring, stagnant career.

Consider your goals and think about which of these 8 in-demand skills might be the most helpful to learn. With so much information available at your fingertips, you never have to feel stuck again or sacrifice a successful future!

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