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In recent years, certain technological developments have really revolutionized the way in which we work.

For example, the development of portable devices such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones means that more of us can work out of office than ever before.

This has lead to the development of new workspaces for those who like more comfort while on the move. Take a look at this interesting post from Business Insider which discusses the positives and negatives of the new mobile work trend.

While it seems rather prehistoric now, Microsoft Outlook email really is about as essential as it gets when it comes to any business communicating.

The simple messaging tech has evolved greatly in recent years, enabling us to do so much more than before.

Now we can reach out to more people than ever, quicker than ever, whilst all sharing lots of multimedia much easier than we previously could.

However, the increased ability of email apps means that many of us spend way too much of our working days reading and replying to them.

Fear not though, as a new infographic can help you speed up this process, making you’re emailing a burden no longer!

It has been created by silverdoor.co.uk and it’s called 10 Microsoft Outlook Hacks To Change The Way You Use Email At Work. You can take a look for yourself below. 

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