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Businesses always want to ensure they hire the best people. Filling in roles with suitable employees makes a company run much more efficiently. Because of this, employers often take a long time to find the right people for the job.

Recruitment is a long process as well as a costly one. Various methods are used to find the right person for a particular job. Whether you’re a business looking to recruit new people, or someone looking for work, it’s worth knowing these.

Here are some of the practical ways businesses find employees.

1. Do It Yourself

When it comes to recruiting and hiring, many businesses decide to handle the whole thing themselves. This is a double-edged sword. Companies can maintain control over hiring and screen people first-hand. But it can also be particularly time-consuming and costly.

If businesses do the work for themselves, they may have to pay to advertise the role. They also have to deal with multiple interviews and filling out a lot of forms. It can be useful for those looking to find anyone to fill a role, but businesses looking for the best employees are better off using other methods.

2. Through External Services

Since the entire recruitment process can take up a lot of valuable time for employers, they often outsource the job. There are many recruitment agencies and headhunters out there who specialize in finding people for a role.

Services with expertise in recruiting and hiring, such as EmeryHR, also save money for businesses. Companies spend less by not handling the process themselves. HR services also have the right resources to find the best people, which pays off for businesses.

This is an efficient way to find high-quality employees. It can be huge in taking away the stress of recruitment for employers. Services that deal with finding employees use multiple strategies to fit the needs of the respective business.

3. Personal Recommendations

Sometimes the easiest way to fill a role is by asking around. Business owners might know other people in the field who know someone suitable. Being the friend or associate of a company manager might just land you an excellent role.

This is why the importance of business contact is often stressed. Knowing people in high places pay off when they know a lucrative role that needs to be filled.

4. Social Media

Nowadays, many employers turn to social media for recruiting. In fact, 70% of hiring managers claim to have found success in recruiting through social media. It’s particularly useful to find people who aren’t actively searching for jobs. A diamond in the rough may be discovered through social networks.

LinkedIn is designed to be a professional social network. People often include their career details in their LinkedIn profiles, and use it to gain business contacts. In this sense, it’s a nice fishing spot for employers looking to fill roles.

Despite being more informal, Twitter and Facebook can also be used for hiring. Those who use career-related hashtags may be found by businesses needing to fill a role quickly. Employers can also get a sense of a person’s personality before employing them through social media.

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