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If you want a career that tests both your logical reasoning and creativity, then consider looking into the media and events management industry.

Jobs in this field demand a high level of passion, commitment and hard work.

In order to succeed in this industry, applicants must be able to brainstorm ideas and have an understanding of different marketing techniques and event operations.

People who choose to work in this industry must also have sound knowledge of the technical aspects of production such as sounds, lights, audiovisuals and special effects.

Here are some careers you might want to look into with a list of skills you need to land event jobs in Dubai.

Careers in the Events Management Industry

  • Event Manager / Director of Events

The Director of Events or Events Manager is directly responsible for organizing events for a client or business. They are the go-to people between the client, other staff, suppliers, sponsors, the media and more.

Event managers are involved in each step of the process, from planning to running the event to producing evaluations. These professionals have contacts in different industries and may work as part of a team.

  • Banquet Manager

An events and banquet manager’s job is to oversee the daily activities in the hotel and give briefings to staff.

In larger establishments, events and banqueting managers may only be responsible for a specific set of tasks like providing guest services, marketing or accounting.

In general, these professionals have a whole range of responsibilities including the following:

  • Oversee the hotel’s reception, reservations and concierge area
  • Direct the housekeeping department
  • Supervise operations in the food and beverage sector
  • Planning and supervising hotel events
  • Manage the hotel’s finances and budget

Although events and banquet managers have to oversee much of the hotel’s operations, they must also be detail-oriented. They need to set the right example for staff to follow by being consistently presentable and providing quality services to the hotel’s guests.

  • Public Relations Officer

Individuals who relish working under pressure should consider working as a public relations officer. A PR officer’s main responsibility is to manage the client’s reputation.

Vector Image of Public Relations

Here is a rundown of some of their responsibilities:

  • Establish and maintain relationships with a different client or business groups
  • Produce press releases
  • Develop and maintain the company’s brand and image
  • Organize events for the company

PR officers with years of experience in the field can apply to become a Public Relations Director. It is considered as one of the highest paying jobs in Dubai

These are some of the useful skills you should have.

1.  Being a Fluent Communicator

Most individuals have the ability to communicate. If you plan to work as an events manager, hotel manager or PR officer, you have to be able to do more than speak fluently.

You need to be confident and skilled when it comes to communicating ideas to different types of people including clients, your staff, suppliers, the media and other groups.

2. Works Well Under Pressure

No two events are completely alike. Regardless of how much preparation was put into organizing the event, problems will still arise. Because of this, having the ability to think on your feet is a handy skill in this industry.

Event coordinators and hotel managers must be able to work under pressure and find solutions for any given problem.

3.  Organization Skills

There are many aspects involved when it comes to organizing and running an event. Besides the client or your employer, you need to talk to different groups of people and businesses. 

With so many details to look into and handle, you need to stay organized and have a system for documenting your interactions and transactions with each group.

These are only a few examples of careers you can consider within the field of events management.

Some professionals work for companies while there are also event experts who work as freelancers. With a growing number of companies promoting their business using events, there are plenty of opportunities available for those who want to work in the field.

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