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Have you recently completed your MBA and want to know if you can work from home? Or maybe you have been working for a long time, but want the option to work from home? Fear not! As there are loads of work from home job positions available, allowing you to take control of your life.

In this article, we will look into the different career options and paths that you can choose and the benefits that come from working at home. Searching for an online MBA career options can be tough, so I’m going to talk about the three most popular options that allow you to work from the comfort of your own home.

1. Chief Financial Officer

If you have a wide range of experience in handling money and accounting, then becoming a chief financial officer is a great choice. Although there are many positions for this job in companies, you could also take the time to create your own virtual business, offering this service online. The average salary of a chief financial officer is around $378,564, which is very appealing for most individuals.

However, you have to have the time to advertise yourself to get your business up and running. Some of the tasks that they complete include:

  • Creating a financial business plan.
  • Manage budgets.
  • Provide recommendations for management.

2. Sales Manager

Sales in the online world are a vast industry, and more and more companies are looking for virtual assistants that can provide quality leadership and advice. It may require you to cold call, email, phone call, and create online demos to land clients; however, it can be very profitable if you have the time to make your business grow. Some of the tasks completed by a sales manager include:

  • Setting goals and targets.
  • Promoting a company or organization
  • Understanding the target market.

3. Social Media Manager or Content Marketing Manager

With social media slowly taking over the world, there are many positions for social media and content managers floating around at the moment. Companies pay or top content writers, and having an MBA can boost yourself when compared to other applicants. Some of the tasks completed by a social media and contents manager include:

  • Using SEO knowledge.
  • Serving and calling customers.
  • Taking control of various social media platforms.
  • Copywriting.

Benefits of Working From Home

Working From Home-MBA Career Options

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There are so many benefits to consider when working from home, including the ability to create your schedule, saving money on commuting, and being in a relaxing quiet environment. However, you also have to consider if you can self motivate yourself to ensure that you can complete deadlines and activities assigned to you. Other benefits include:

  • Easier to make calls.
  • More time with loved ones.
  • Complete some of your home tasks.
  • Cozy clothing.

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