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You know that there are a series of steps that you must follow in order to get the job that you want. And even though, you have heard it all before, it is important to count on a checklist with everything you should do if you want to get noticed by any recruiters.

Surprisingly or not, most of the people will not do it all – they will take care of one part more than the other, and it explains why they miss an opportunity that they considered as certain.

So, as you don’t want to be one of them, make the most of the checklist below:

What You Will Learn

  • How an outstanding resume looks like
  • What should be in your cover letter
  • How to prepare for the interview

1. How an Outstanding Resume Looks Like

Your CV/Resume probably is the first thing that recruiters will see when you are applying for a job. And it is the material that they will have on their hands during the most overwhelming part of the process.

So, in order to make your resume stand out in the middle of so many others, you better ensure that you do as it follows:

Analyze the Job Description Carefully

The job description is the most valuable resource that the company offers to you. It says everything that you need to know about what is important to them, and what you need to prove to be hired.

So take your time reading it carefully to the point that you know everything that is thereby the heart. And make sure that you have clear in your mind which type of professional they are looking for.

Look for the Right Keywords

While you are reading the job description, have a look at the keywords that are there. Find out what skills and qualifications they value the most, and write down the exact sentences that they used to describe the job position and the mandatory and optional requirements.

Research the Correct Format

Each industry has a type of format that is more expected to their resumes. And if you don’t follow it to the dot, you will start on the wrong foot. So if you are unsure about it, or if it has been a while since you sent your last CV, do some research and find some templates that you can use as a model.


Choose What You Will Add to Your CV

Now that you know the right format and that you got a degree in what your job description says, it is time for you to sort out which information you will add to your resume.

Hopefully, you have a CV in long-format, one that contains everything that you have done in your professional life. But of course, not all of it is relevant; neither would fit in two pages. So start matching what you have done that qualifies you for the job according to the description provided and prepare your CV accordingly.

Edit and Proofread Your Resume

With all information sorted, you will probably need to edit and proofread your CV to make it easy to read and nicely organized. You might be able to do it yourself, but it is wise to count on the support of a specialized resume writing service, such as ResumesCentre.com, as it is very hard to evaluate and check your own work.

Deliver It as It Should Be

It is also crucial that you deliver your resume as it should be. So go back to the job vacancy’s instructions and check what it is said about it. You might need to upload it to an online platform; print it out and deliver it at their office, or send it by e-mail. Make sure that you understand it well and do it the right way – if you are unsure, you should rather call them and double-check it.

2. What Should Be in Your Cover Letter

After your CV, it is your cover letter that will get you an interview for the job of your dreams. So it is crucial that you take your time perfecting it.

Keep It Short

A cover letter should be short and straight to the point. Some will say that three paragraphs should do the trick, others suggest that you write a bit more. But you certainly should stick to just one page. Remember that your recruiter will be reading several of them.

Avoid Repeating What Is in Your CV

As you only have a few paragraphs, so you should make the most of them. And repeating what is clearly stated in your CV will show that you think that they are not very smart, or that you don’t know how to use the resource that you have at your disposal.

Add Value to Yourself

Use your cover letter to tell them about anything that you couldn’t say about yourself, especially in terms of soft skills. It is also there that you can add more details about any big achievement, for instance.

Show That You Know the Company

Another thing that should show in your cover letter is that you know the company very well. You can mention something about what you read on their website, or congratulate them for any recent special accomplishment or award, for example. You can also take the opportunity to make improvements suggestions.

Tell Them Why They Should Hire You

But, above all, your cover letter should tell them why they should hire you. Prove that you would love to join the team, and how your skills match what they are looking for. Give evidence that you can fit in their culture and make a valuable contribution to the growth of the company.

3. How to Prepare for the Interview

If you get to be called to an interview, you are almost hired. As you can imagine, recruiters don’t waste their time interviewing someone that they don’t see as a potential new employee. So all that you need to do is to get a few more things right.


Answer Typical Questions in Advance

There are several questions that are typical of any interview process. They will ask you about your last job, about yourself, and why do you want the job. They will probably also ask you what your most relevant achievement and challenges were, and so on.

Yes, it is possible that they might come up with someone that you never heard before, but make sure that you are prepared for the basics, as it sounds really bad if you don’t manage to answer them.

Dress Accordingly

Google the company and see if you can find any photos of their staff, so you can find out what is the best way to dress for an interview. And, when in doubt, remain formal and discreet – but not too formal, except if you are going for an interview with a law firm or something of the kind. And remember: it is not a wedding or a party, it is business attire in this case.

Try to Relax

Easily said than done, but, at the end of the day, it is your psychological side that will guarantee a successful interview. So try to relax and be confident all the time. Take care of your body language, smile, and try to sound assertive and happy to be there. It will count much more at this stage than your degrees and skillset.

In Conclusion

So here is, in a nutshell, everything that you should do so to be noticed by any recruiters and get the job you want. It sounds as simple as it is, so make sure that you follow it step by step.

If you do it, congratulations will be in order soon enough.

Best of luck!

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Sylvia Giltner is content at StudyClerk. Also, she helps people to write the perfect resume and land a desirable job. To find more about Sylvia - check her Twitter.

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