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The job posting isn’t as simple as it seems. It takes more than just writing down a few words about the company, briefing the candidate on what is expected of them, and expecting a horde of hopefuls to walk in the office armed with their resumes.

This may be a familiar scene for some jobs that don’t ask for much education, skill, and experience. But if you want to win over the best employees to work for your company, you may need to add in some coaxing and a bit of selling yourself.

Just like job seekers, employers also have to work their end of the bargain by writing a killer job posting that can attract the best workers. You don’t need to be a talented writer to create a killer job posting.

All it takes is putting yourself in the jobseeker’s shoes and finding out what’s going to draw them to you. To help you with that, here are a few tips on how to make your job postings seem exciting:

1. Come Up with a Killer Graphic Appeal

When it comes to job postings, looks do matter. Make sure your posting has a compelling message and is easy to read. Visual appeal is a must if you want anyone to at least take the time to glance at your job posting. Also, get good graphics, but don’t overdo on fancy charts and logos.

A simple page layout can go a long way with job seekers. Don’t overload your job posting with too much information. Instead, make it straightforward and concise.

Make your company look important by adding your logo whenever you can and pairing with unique graphics. It’s important to understand that your company’s appearance online has a big impact on the attitude of the job seeker reading your posting.

2. Add a Catchy Job Title

It may sound preposterous at first, but if you take for example the “genius bar” at Apple’s retail stores, then the idea no longer seems so far off. If you think about it, the job, in itself, isn’t particularly unique. All you do is help customers resolve product problems.

However, with the job, the company bestows you with the title of “genius.” And that’s enough for a lot of people. Applicants have been flooding in since Apple decided to give this job a compelling name. And, once they land the job, the “geniuses” tend to stay longer than the average Apple retail employee.

3. Reinvent Yourself

In the business world, change is constant. No matter how prepared we think we are for what’s coming our way, sometimes life just takes us by surprise. And as an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to be open to change and make the most out of the cards you’ve been dealt.


National Geographic is a prime example of how a company can survive the winds of change. Since the technology boom, the print industry has been one of the most affected industries.

A number of newspaper and magazine companies have succumbed to pressure and have closed down or gone fully digital. Wisely enough, the National Geographic realized that by staying firmly planted in the old-fashioned print industry, it would have cost them their business.

Instead, the company adapted to the situation and secured itself a spot on the Internet, knowing how important it is for businesses nowadays to have a healthy online presence.

4. Use Your Tools to Enjoy

Technology provides an effective medium to streamline your recruitment process. The most dynamic, innovative recruitment teams are constantly on the lookout for the most useful online tools or software. Such can smoothen every step of the hiring process—from posting jobs to organizing resumes, to conducting interviews.

There is a variety of recruiting tools to choose from online. You just have to know one is best to use for your company. Reddit, Zao, Indeed, Workable, and Trello are just some of the programs that can help managers and recruiters raise their hiring game.

5. Distinguish “must-haves” From “nice to have.”

While some enterprises are certain of their priorities, there are those that are new to workforce recruitment, and are, therefore, less certain of what’s important to them. Take time to learn as much as possible about your counterparts and their strategies, and filter the qualities that you must be looking for in your ideal applicant.

It is crucial to look beyond the mere technical skills of the applicant. While it is nice to hire someone who is well equipped with hard skills, it is only part of the big picture when it comes to finding a suitable person for the job.

In fact, according to a 2014 survey by CareerBuilder, a vast majority of employers find “hard skills” and “soft skills” of equal importance. The latter is more of an intrinsic component of a person’s character, and therefore, can’t be easily acquired on the job.

6. Nail the Short Description

Keep the “Job Description and Skills” section of your job posting clear and concise, providing the job seeker only with an outline on what you are looking for and what they can expect from your company. Typically, an effective job description has two components: an overview of the role and job responsibilities.

Highlight only essential information in this section to keep the description succinct and easy to grasp. Although content is important in a job posting, you don’t want the job seekers to feel overwhelmed with too much information on your posting.

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