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Would you like to venture into the freelance writing world? Are you uncertain about how to go about it?

After you read this, you will be reassured that the words “starving” and “writer” need not be intertwined like white on rice.

Writers can make a decent hourly rate, and the average annual salary of writers and authors in the United States is $50,837.

There are many ways of making money as a writer, including copywriting, copy editing, fact-checking, ghostwriting, proofreading, technical writing, content writing, and white paper writing.

It literally pays to have skills in many different areas of writing, and the more diverse experience and expertise you have, the better equipped you will be for your next potential job.

Are you passionate about certain subjects, and would love to write about them?

You can find a home for your article in a publication and be paid for it. Having a byline in a good publication will be good for your portfolio as well. Some people have turned to writing about what they are passionate about into full-time jobs by maintaining a blog.

Bloggers can generate revenue by placing ad networks, affiliate links, and private ads onto their blogs. Other ways to make money through a blog is by selling memberships to exclusive areas of the blog, and by selling digital products such as e-books.

When you build a large enough audience for your blog, you can generate sufficient traffic to earn you a decent income, and your blog can become your full-time job.

Copywriting is an area where writers can earn a lot of cash. If you have the knack for creating convincing, inspiring prose that can spur a reader to take any action, or at least to take an interest in something, you may have a career in copywriting.

Copywriters are the ones who create material for websites, ad campaigns, billboards, brochures, pamphlets, catalogues, commercials, etc. As you can see, the need for good copywriting is out there, wherever someone needs to sell something or to get the word out.

Have you considered working as an editor and making money as a writer?

Editors need to have not only excellent writing skills but also interpersonal and communication skills. Online publications, magazines, newspapers, publishing houses, and periodicals employ editors, but editors can also work freelance. Some writers also freelance as editors.

While artificial intelligence and robots are quickly replacing humans in many fields, writing just isn’t one of these fields. It takes flesh and blood to create the nuance, color, and emotion that makes reading so enjoyable.


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Brendan Brown is the founder of Global English Editing, a leading provided of editing and proofreading services for writers. A former freelance writer, he knows that there are many opportunities on the internet to find well paid writing work, as long as you know where to look.

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