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When we post a job ad online, we hope to attract the best talent available for that position. Unfortunately, poor wording or not providing accurate details about the position can mean we receive resumes of individuals who don’t exactly fit the ideal candidate you had in mind.

While you may jump to the conclusion that there just isn’t the right candidate out there, there actually may be a problem with the job ad you’re posting.

Here are six things to consider if you want your job ads to be more effective.

1. Create a Clear and Accurate Job Title

Is your job title ambiguous or potentially misleading?

Are you calling someone a “manager” or “coordinator” that actually does not have any managing or coordinating duties?

Did you try to get creative on what you’re calling your employees?

While this may grab attention for being different from the crowd, you’re also less likely to get applications from candidates who actually fit the duties of the job. This is because the job title doesn’t make it clear who exactly you’re looking for.

When creating a job title, keep it simple and to the point. If you want to use a more creative name, include it in the introduction of the job – not in the title that will appear on a job listing site. This can help weed out potential individuals who apply that do not fit what you’re looking for.

2. Show Your Company’s Culture

In today’s age, company culture is a huge selling point for why candidates select jobs. Many individuals are willing to take a pay cut for an office environment that they feel comfortable in and somewhere that they will be happy in. But in order to get those candidates to apply for your position, you need to show your culture and personality.

Use your job advertisement to show the benefits of working in your office. Talk about things like dress code, benefits such as gym memberships or free lunches, or other perks that the company can bring them.

By opening the doors of your office to those thinking about applying for the job, they’re able to place themselves in your environment. If you’re the kind of company that wears suits and begins working at 7 am, you’ll attract candidates who want that work lifestyle.

If you have a keg in the kitchen and wear jeans, you’ll get applications from individuals who believe that is what they’re looking for.

3. Stay Supportive

It is easy to appear demanding in a job ad. After all, you’re looking to hire someone to work for you. But when your ad appears aggressive and bossy, you’re probably pushing away some top talent.

Instead, focus your ad on welcoming them to be a member of a team. Tell them who they will be working with if hired, what they will be doing, and how that job will contribute to the overall goals of the organization.

When you create a sense of support and community, you’re more likely to get individuals who want that job, not just any job. If you seem controlling in your job ad, you’re likely only to get individuals who don’t have the option of applying to a more welcoming position.

4. Separate Required and Desired Skills

When you’re thinking about who your ideal candidate is and what they are able to do, you should have two separate categories of skills. First, you will need to establish these required skills. These capabilities are skills that you are not willing to budge on or train a candidate in. If they are applying for the job, they need to meet these requirements.

Then, other skills that you would like them to have but would not be a deal-breaker are considered desired skills. If a candidate has these skills, they may have a better chance of getting the position but you’re willing to train them if they fit otherwise.

By showing which skills are absolutely required and which are not, you can get a better pool of candidates. By including all in one, you may get candidates who are not qualified for the position while also scaring away candidates who may meet your required skills but not your desired skills.

5. Share the Salary

Many companies don’t want to include salary in the job ad because they believe it is better to discuss when a job is offered. Unfortunately, this means candidates and businesses may waste weeks interviewing for a position only to find that the pay is not enough.

You can save time by including the salary in your job ad. This can ensure individuals who apply to the position know what the anticipated salary is and whether or not it fits their needs.

6. Make It Easy to Read

Just like articles and blog posts, individuals aren’t going to read a job ad that is just a block of text. Not only is this a waste of time and difficult to focus on, it comes across as unprofessional.

You will want to include headers, sections, and short paragraphs throughout the job ad. This can allow potential applicants to see if it is a position worth applying to. Using bolded keywords and statistics are also great ways to draw attention to the most important areas.

If you’re struggling to bring in the right individuals from your job ads, consider if you’re doing all you can to attract their attention. While you may be a great company that individuals love to work for, you can’t expect to translate that message to individuals on job boards unless you go above and beyond what is expected of you.

With these six steps, you can start creating job ads that attract the top talent. With better job ads, you will have better applicants and can hire better individuals for your team and your company.

Remember, your job ad is the first introduction to your business. Be sure that it is a clear representation.

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