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So, you have landed on a new job and it is the first day of your office. You will be excited about having new workmates, a new boss and obviously, a new workplace. Several thoughts will be running in your mind about your first day. You will be hopeful that you will have the best job and office mates this time around. Nevertheless, in reality, you have a face a lot of paperwork on your first day and many of your office mates seem to ignore your presence. 

If the first impression of your office and the office mates is not good, it will have an emotional and physical impact on you. It will be frustrating not to have a friend at the office. Don’t lose your hope after this happens as it is usual for new joiners these days as it is well-known that people don’t have time for others these days.

However, you should not be a lonely person sitting quietly at your desk. You can try out the below-mentioned ways to make friends at your new workplace and I am sure that you will not fail if you try these properly.

1. Reveal Yourself to Others

If you feel that no one in the office is interacting with you, just ask yourself this one question: Am I the type of person I want to be friends with? Yeah, you can be a good person once people get to know your nature.

In order to make this possible, you should reveal yourself to others. You must let them know that you are nice and approachable to others. Also can do this by little gestures like greeting them in the morning, smiling at them when they see you and so on. You can find ways to interact with them and these little things will let them know how nice you are to them.

2. Show Others That You Are Interested in Them

One mistake that you commit while making friends at a new workplace is by asking them questions that lead to an indecent conversation. You must ask open-minded questions to your officemates so that they feel that you are genuinely interested in them.

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Questions like “Where did you buy your shirt?” or “How did you enjoy your weekend?” will let them know that you are really interested in knowing about them. Always remember that being interested in other people will win you more friends than trying to grab their attention.

3. Be the first person to initiate

You must show some guts in asking your friends out for coffee or lunch. It doesn’t have to be an unexpected invitation. You can ask them in a casual way. You will have a chance to bond with them for a long period of time and get to know them very closely.

For example, if a new movie releases and if it’s a good one, you can ask your officemates to join you. This kind of initiative is actually very important in making new friends.

4. Interaction on Social Media

If you turn out to be an introvert and if you are too nervous to try the above ones, then interaction on social media will help you out. You can add your workmates on Facebook or any other social media platform on which you can actually interact. Then, you can start with a casual talk and get to know them closely.

This is also a very good platform for getting close to your officemates and making good friends as they can share many matters which they cannot share with you in person. After chatting with them on social media, you will surely get the confidence to talk with them in person at your new workplace. 

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Ravindra Savaram is presently working as a Content Lead at vmonlinetraining. His previous professional experience includes Programmer Analyst at Cognizant Technology Solutions.

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