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Job searchers must come to grip with a simple fact. Potential employers receive a lot of resumes. The sheer volume of responses to a posted job advertisement could shock a lot of employment hunters. Stacks upon stacks of resumes land on the desk of the person tasked with screening them.

Sad to say, a number of those resumes all look alike. And they look alike because they are bland.

Your resume really has to stand out and catch someone’s eye. Otherwise, the resume gets skimmed and dismissed. Don’t let this common fate befall you. The resume that failed takes all its sender’s job prospects with it.

What makes a resume rise above the crowd of dull submissions?

One tip alone won’t be enough. Adding a few elements to the crafting of a resume could have a profound impact.

1. Tailor a Resume to a Specific Job and Employer

“One resume fits all” won’t work. Such resumes scream their blandness. Drafting a basic, generic resume and building on it would make better sense.

In other words, the skeleton resume would be revised, tweaked, and altered to best get points and experience across that would be interesting to a particular employer.

Sometimes, the certain experience needs to be trimmed and other experience points built upon.

Each employer is different. Research individual companies and determine their needs.

Look over the posted job description very closely. This way, the individualized resume stresses all the important things needed to rise above the mass of lame submissions.

2. Add a Summary Section

Pressed for time, reviewers don’t always read resumes from top to bottom. They might just look for things that draw their attention.

Attention-grabbing resumes may be put aside to be looked over more thoroughly in a second reading.

A summary section at the top of a resume puts all the things intended to impress in an easy-to-review box.

The summary section positively should not be verbose. All the details can be found in the body of the resume.

Best Resume-Ready for Graduation

A few short summary sentences simply herald what the rest of the attention-grabbing resume states. Perhaps the presence of a summary section alone could impress a potential employer. Well-crafted and thoughtful resumes do make a nice impression.

3. Greatly Detail Accomplishments and Skills

Is an award winner better than a five-time award winner?” On the surface, a one-time award winner falls short of a quintuple one.

The irony here is the person who lists him/herself as an award winner actually won 10 awards. The ambiguity of simply putting down award winner” diminishes the applicant’s true accomplishments.

Clear details definitely help the cause of making a resume stand head and shoulders above competitors.

Explaining all the types of employee training undertaken and every time a professional accolade was bestowed are the types of things you really want to mention on a resume.

4. Don’t Focus too Much on Tasks

Describing a previous or current job can fall flat when the daily tasks of the job are the only things presented. Writing out all the tasks and duties of an administrative assistant might not be all that necessary.

Mostly every employer has a solid idea of what an administrative assistant does. Detailing achievements and accomplishments during your tenure as an administrative assistant would get helpful information across.

5. Avoid the Fluff

Over-written resumes loaded with a lot of unnecessary information doesn’t help the cause of attention-grabbing for an interview. Unfortunately, the job seeker may not realize he or she has added a ton of fluff to a resume.

This is why running a resume through a knowledgeable editor or advisor would be a good move. 

6. Get Your Resume in Shape Today

Being selected for an interview, much less a job, is tough these days. Is your resume in lame shape?

Start work on shaping it up today. Otherwise, the resume won’t be doing you much good.

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