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One of the most singular phenomes of the last decade is the noticeable change in workstyle habits that workers all around the world tend to show.

Either by maximizing their productivity potential or investing their free time in broadening their knowledge, workers seek for a way to increase their revenues in the shortest period.

Naturally, such prevention can’t be answered in conventional 9-to-5 work shift where payment raise or job promotion doesn’t come as easily thanks to – in most cases – bureaucracy; therefore, is there a valid solution for this?

As many of you may be familiar with, freelancing is quickly taking its place as a valid income source for those who seek adventure beyond the office space but aren’t afraid of taking risks.

How so? Let’s take for example the reality of job portals in India. Over the past 25 years, India experienced a massive opening towards the international market, answering an increasing demand for a highly prepared workforce in areas like the IT industry.

Thus, it’s not surprising to find nearly 80% of the job offers available on internet freelancing platforms already filled by people whose average age nears 35-year-old.

It’s not just a mere chance to be faced with such a scenario but a direct consequence of the potential appeal that making a living from home represents to us.

Advantages of Working at Home

The #1 advantage is, undoubtedly, the expenses you save in transportation fees.

You have zero charges unless the work you do requires you to move in between offices doing errands; but circa 95% workers who ditched office to work from home acknowledge the positive impact on their economy after taking this decision.

Another key advantage of making a living from home is that you won’t have anyone else around to tell you what to do, what to wear or when to eat. You manage – in most regimes – your time-schedule, thus that gives high freedom to arrange your social life and other interests the best way it suits your desired lifestyle. In a few words, it’s as if you were your boss.

But Not Everything Is as Smooth as It Seems…

Freelancing may seem to be the answer to all your problems until you need to cope up with the daily amount of stress it can generate.

As working from home gives us the flexibility to choose where and when to work, it’s quite frequent that procrastination habits start to build through your work shift; thus, instead of working 5-6 hours at a time, you end up with 12+ hrs of work time as you never give yourself enough room to fully split personal enjoyment from work.

For some freelancers it may seem exasperating to compel all the tasks they need to do in 24 hrs, the real key to success on freelancing is just keeping your head fresh and having a neat scheme of your priorities: if something cannot be done that day, then move it to the next day.

As a personal advice, do not compromise your health by doing all-nighters just to meet up with the job demand. It may work for a week or two, but in the long term, you are doing incredible damage to your health, increasing stress levels and inducing health-threatening conditions like Type II Diabetes, Obesity, and Hypertension out of sleep deprivation. Also, consider that the best ideas come out of a fresh, well-rested mind rather than an exhausted one.

Home Office

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Finding Your Niche

Do you always find yourself day-dreaming about new recipes or decorations for your pastries?

Then it might be time to making a living from home by starting a cook-themed blogger career. The same can be said about those who are passionate about drawing and painting, with astonishing social media reach as the case of US-based artist Heather Rooney.

The leading factor towards building an income from home isn’t just taking the opportunities that show up in front of us but also learning how to exploit our hidden talents; those that perhaps we relegated to the little time-dedication effort as a casual hobby.

Who knows? Maybe that friendly approach for explaining your working methods can be applied to your future online courses business in a close-by future.

Strategies You Should Follow

Most of us follow fool-proof methods to guarantee success in what regards to starting a new project, so why should it be different when working from home? There are many strategies we can use to increase our success rate in the work-from-home experience.

1. Become a Tiny Bookworm

Perhaps “bookworm” isn’t the best figure to point this ideal, but the spirit in which some people constantly engage in finding more and more information about a topic is the whole idea of this strategy.

Besides finding inspiration in successful work-from-home stories you can come across the internet, a valid lesson you should apply is to be always in constant research mode.

Why is that important? Because it keeps us moving far from our comfort zone, thus increasing our chances of making a hype without even predicting such a move.

2. Don’t Put All Your Stakes on Just One Bet

Diversifying your income is the best approach you can do for not betting all your chances on one method for making a living from home.

As soon as you reach a certain revenue, start looking around to see if any areas can be used as chances to build a second or third income as a sort of “backup plan”, but also consider the benefits of investing in stocks, hedges and such.

Since working from home requires a great deal of self-discipline, it’s likely prone to happen the scenario in which you decide to ditch all your current projects and embrace something new.

Or, it can be far worse when your income solely depends on a client who decided you aren’t needed any longer. It’s by predicting a certain economic comfort the best way to finally achieve some of that financial stability you always desired to have.

3. Learn How to Say ‘NO.’

One of the worse habits of those who work from home is the lack of division between your personal and professional shifts.

Whereas some people like to blame it on bad time management skills, the truth is we overload ourselves with work just to meet somebody’s expectations – thus gain extra revenue as a reward – that’s not the way to act!

Consider your health and your own time for the activities you love as valuable as your work, then you would understand the importance of saying ‘no’ whenever needed instead of overloading yourself with work without any valid reason.

Remember: it’s all about effort and dedication to make a living from home. When you decide to leap a freelancing career you aren’t just choosing to work from home; you are committing to a new lifestyle in which the ultimate choice happens to be yours. Now it’s up to you to reach your full potential.

Good luck!  

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